“I want to be a Korean Koda sister” Ko Ji-woo, Ko Ji-won, Park In-bi and others

 Sisters Jessica Koda of the LPGA tour, sister golfers Koh Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won, who dream of becoming Nellie Korda, have become a family with바카라 ‘golf empresses’ Park In-bi and Ryu So-yeon.

WOW Management Group, a sports management company, announced on the 29th that “We have signed management contracts with Ko Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won.”

Ko Ji-woo, who was born in the national team in 2020 and was born in 2002, debuted on the regular tour of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) last year, ranked 2nd in birdie rate and 5th in drive distance, and ranked 2nd in points for the rookie award.

Her two-year-old younger brother Ko Ji-won joined as an associate member in April of last year, jumped through the 3rd part jump tour and the 2nd part dream tour at once, secured a full seed in the KLPGA regular tour seed match last winter, and jumped into the regular tour this year.

These sisters are sponsored by Samchully.

Jang Sang-jin, CEO of WOW Management Group, said, “Ko Ji-woo and Ko Ji-won are strong players with great strengths such as strong physiques, strong tenacity, and bright energy. We will do our best to support them so that they become a success story that goes beyond the Nelly Corda sisters.”

The two will compete together at the Lotte Rental Women’s Open, the opening match of the KLPGA Tour, which opens on the 6th of next month.

Meanwhile, Wow Management Group currently includes Park In-bi, Yoo So-yeon, and Lee Jung-eun.

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