“I want to look better overall…” Choi Jin-soo’s mindset as he prepares for the season

 “I have a strong desire to do better overall in both offense and defense than last season.” This was Choi Jin-su’s (34, 202cm) mindset for the upcoming season.

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis was in full swing preparing for the season by playing a practice game against Chung-Ang University at the Hyundai Mobis practice gym on the 13th.

Choi Jin-soo, who had a late start to the season last season due to surgery to remove bone fragments in his right ankle and rehabilitation, was also showing up in the game and improving his physical condition.

Choi Jin-su said, “Last year, I was unable to properly prepare for the season due to surgery. This year, I think I am preparing well because I am keeping up with the team’s training. There is about a month left in the season, and I plan to improve my physical condition by then.” He revealed his current situation.

Hyundai Mobis boasts a solid team of big men. They included Ham Ji-hoon and Jang Jae-seok, as well as backup resource Kim Hyun-min and Kim Jun-il, who was a free agent. In addition, the presence of Choi Jin-soo, who has a tall height of 202 cm and has various options such as mobility and 3-point shooting, is expected to add diversity.먹튀검증

Director Cho Dong-hyun also said about Choi Jin-soo, “It will be a good card to use spacing widely, going back and forth between numbers 3 and 4 depending on the situation. Personally, I wish he would increase his activity level (laughter).”

Choi Jin-su said, “The coach focused on activity and defense. I am training with this in mind. Activity may not be easy yet, but I am working hard (laughter).”

Lastly, Choi Jin-soo expressed his determination, saying, “It is important not to get hurt, but I want to do better overall in both offense and defense than last season. I will do my best to show the fans a good performance.”

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