Incheon Seo-gu · Gyeonggi Gimpo Agreement… Line 5 Gimpo-Geomdan extension rapid flow

Incheon Seo-gu and Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, have agreed to relocate the construction waste treatment plant for the extension of Seoul Subway Line 5, Gimpo-Geomdan.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said today (21st) that Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong met with Kim Byung-soo, Mayor of Gimpo, and Bum-seok Kang, Director of Seo-gu Office in Incheon, and announced that the Seoul Line 5 extension project should be promoted as soon as possible to alleviate metropolitan traffic congestion in the western part of the metropolitan area, such as dispersing demand for the Gimpo Gold Line토토사이트. He said he had come to an agreement.

With the mediation of Minister Won, Mayor Kim and Mayor Gang drafted an agreement on the content that the site for the construction waste treatment plant will be moved out of the western part of Incheon and that the Cebu route will actively follow the arbitration plan of the Metropolitan Area Transportation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

In the meantime, the Seoul Line 5 extension project has not been able to speed up due to differences of opinion among local governments over the ‘relocation of construction waste disposal site (building waste) in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul’, which was a prerequisite.

In 2018, when the city of Seoul promoted the development of a site for the fire prevention and control vehicle business center, it was conditional on the relocation of the vehicle depot and building waste yard.

As the two local governments agreed on the biggest challenge, the Gimpo and Geomdan extension project, Seoul Line 5 is expected to be promoted in earnest.

Minister Won said, “The Gimpo-Geomdan extension project of Seoul Line 5, which is one of the fundamental measures to relieve congestion on the gold line, must be promoted as soon as possible.” I am deeply grateful for the decision to participate in the ‘Route Determination Consultative Body’ mediated by the above).”

“The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs will actively mediate the route planning agreement for the prompt implementation of the Seoul Line 5 extension project, while actively consulting with the financial authorities on ways to shorten the project, such as exemption from preliminary examination,” he said.

Meanwhile, in accordance with the agreement, the Daekwang Committee plans to accelerate discussions to finalize the route plan for this project by operating a ‘Route Determination Council’ involving Incheon City, Gyeonggi-do, Incheon Seo-gu, Gimpo City, and transportation experts from May.

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