“Inter Milan, sell if you win UCL!”…former owner’s ‘shocking claim’

Italian Serie A giants Inter Milan have reached the final of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Thirteen years after their last appearance in the 2009-10 season, the Nerazzurri are back in the final and looking to win the title for the second time in 13 years먹튀검증. It’s not just Inter Milan’s fight. All of Italy is fighting for it. That’s because 13 years ago, Inter Milan’s title was the last Serie A title.

With the success of Serie A teams in the UCL and UEFA Europa League (UEL) this season, there is growing hope that Italian soccer is making a comeback after a long period of decline. Inter Milan’s victory in the UCL could be the crowning glory. The Nerazzurri will face Manchester City in the highly anticipated final on November 11th.

However, in the midst of all this excitement, a shocking suggestion has been made that Inter Milan should be “sold” if they win the UCL. Shockingly, it came from former Inter Milan owner Ernesto Pellegrini.

“Inter Milan president Steven Zhan should consider selling the club if Inter Milan wins the UCL,” Pellegrini wrote in Italy’s Sportiva.

“We don’t know what he will do if Inter Milan wins the UCL. He will think about whether to sell the club or not. But if I were in his shoes, I would sell. When the club reaches its maximum, it is right to fold,” he explained.

The talk of selling Inter Milan has been around for two years now. Indeed, if the Nerazzurri do indeed finish at the top of the UCL, it is possible that Chinese capital will no longer have any regrets about selling the club.

Zhang Jingdong, chairman of China’s Suning Group, acquired a stake in Inter Milan in 2018, and his son, Stephen Zhang, became the club’s president. It was a boom time for Chinese capital to invest in European clubs.

But since then, as the Chinese economy has begun to slow down and the country’s appetite for investing in soccer has waned, Chinese capital has been eager to divest from European clubs, and Inter Milan is no exception. Chinese media have also reported that the Suning Group is not interested in retaining ownership of Inter Milan.

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