It’s not minus! ‘Refreshing and lively 20-year-old’ Kim Yun-woo’s lifestyle full of happiness

IBK Industrial Bank Kim Yun-woo was recognized as an attractive 176cm tall and good basic skills as a setter, and wore IBK Industrial Bank clothes in the 5th place in the 1st round. 2023 has a lot of new things for him who has just turned 20 years old. Earlier than he thought, on September 5, 2022, he stepped on the professional stage by entering the first V-League game. It was his first season, which obviously had twists and turns, but as the youngest member of IBK Corporate Bank, he played a role as a vitamin.

At the 2022-2023 awards ceremony, he acted as the MC for summarizing the issues of the season and gave off his hidden talent to his heart’s content. Contrary to his lively + fresh image, I was quite impressed with his carefulness in everything and his ability to appreciate the little things. <The Spike> met Kim Yun-woo, who shows off her mature appearance as the K-eldest daughter.

Q. This is your first interview with The Spike.
I’ve known <The Spike> since I was a student. When I was in high school, I said a lot to the kids, “I want to win and interview <The Spike> too.” That’s why I feel more nervous and happy to be interviewed today. 

Q. You are good at taking pictures. Do you usually take pictures often?
He was really awkward at first after he turned pro. He seems to have gotten used to it as he often appears on Altos TV. In fact, I like taking pictures more than being filmed. I know the point of photography well (laughs).

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Q. How did you spend your first vacation after becoming a pro?
When I was in middle school or high school, I didn’t take such a long vacation. So at first, I thought, ‘Is it okay to take a break this long?’ I was most worried about the feeling of the ball falling off. Still, I went on a trip and had a lot of fun.

Q. Now that you are legally an adult, is there anything you want to do as soon as you turn 20?
I wanted to go to a bar with my friends. (Have you been there?) No (laughs). On January 1st, there was a match against Hyundai E&C. My friends posted on social media that they went to a bar on January 1st. I was honestly envious at the time. Still, I’m making money… I endured with the thought that it is because I am an office worker.

Q. Did you ever realize you were 20 years old?
After the season, the team members said, “Yoonwoo, just follow us. Unnies will introduce you” and followed me around. These days, there are many places that require a resident registration card, even if it is not a bar. It was amazing to be able to go to such a place.

Q. What is the biggest difference between high school student Kim Yun-woo and 20-year-old office worker Kim Yun-woo?
You were in 3rd grade last year. So there were a lot of things where I took the lead. Now that there are a lot of unnies, I think I follow them a lot.

Q. Where did you spend your first salary?
My juniors (Gangneung Girls’ High School) sent money to have a barbecue party (laughs). And I sent it to my parents. (Is there any present for yourself?) Ever since I was little, I liked saving. Save up and buy only what you need. I rarely buy useless things.

Q. Half of you have turned 20. Do you have a bucket list for this year?
I wanted to get a driver’s license, but I don’t think I can get one this year. Since the vacation is over, the time has become a bit ambiguous (laughs). And there was a fund raising of 10 million won, which I collected and gave to my parents.

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Q. If you could become a YouTuber, what kind of YouTuber would you like to be?
I want to try daily v-log YouTube. My daily life is fun too. I want to name the channel ‘Yunu Yunu’ (laughs).

Q. If you didn’t exercise, which university department would you like to go to?
Even if I hadn’t been a volleyball player, I think I would have gone to a physical education college. Ever since I was little, I loved to move. (Conversely, departments I would never have attended.) Hmm… math related subjects. Of course, I have good hair (laughs). I would do it if I had to, but I don’t want to use my brain. It’s like this (laughs). Again, if you have to, you can (laughs). Q. Is there anything that has comforted you the most? It’s a book. It’s called ‘Fool Victor’. (Can you introduce the content?) I lived knowing that the main character had autism. She makes a lot of mistakes, but the mother stays by her side and says, “It’s okay,” and she believes in her child until the end. It turned out that I was a genius (laughs). In fact, when I read a book, there are times when the flow is cut off, and then I divide the book into several readings. However, I slurped through this book in one sitting without interruption. It felt like I was comforted for no reason. Q. Is there one thing you’ve been obsessed with lately?

I listen to a lot of old songs. Recently, when I heard this song at home, my mom said, “Isn’t this my playlist?” (laughs). She says it’s a song my mother used to listen to often. She must have similar tastes to me (laughs). (If you recommend a song.) Lee Seung-cheol’s ‘Malli Flower’ and Yoon Mi-rae’s ‘Black Happiness’. really good. Be sure to listen!

Q. You joined the pro right out of high school. Did you have any romance about college?
Everyone dreams of becoming a college campus couple at least once (laughs). I went to a girls’ middle school and a girls’ high school. I wanted to feel that kind of feeling when I was walking around the campus (laughs). But it’s okay because romance is romance.

Q. What kind of person is Kim Yun-woo?
He may seem thoughtless on the outside, but he is deep and thoughtful on the inside. I am a stupid image. Still, when he’s alone, he’s a man of many thoughts.

Q. Do you have any nicknames that your team members call you?
(Park) Minji unnie calls me ‘Yoon’. So she asked, “Is it because you’re too lazy to call her older sister’s name?” and she said yes. And because I’m weak, my sisters call me a paper human. And I kept pretending to be a good person to make everyone have fun, and I became really good (laughs). That’s why it’s also called body chi.

#I’ll give it back now!
Before being a player, Kim Yun-woo grew up with the love of his family. He now wants to return the love he received. Let’s hear a story full of love for family.

Q. (Ask for understanding and call mother) Dear mother, what kind of daughter is Kim Yun-woo?
I nag a lot, but she is a wise daughter who always decides her own things (laughs). (Are you agreeing with what Mother said?) Yes, I agree. You nag a lot. Among them, really emphasize courtesy.

Q. What kind of daughter do you think you are?
I am a tsundere daughter. Sometimes she grumbles, but when she says she wants one, she buys it all. I also automatically transferred some of my salary to my mom’s bank account (laughs).

Q. Do you have any memorable recent episodes with your parents?
She said her mom recently said, “Buy me some soju on the way home,” so she bought it on the way. She said her mother said, “It’s really comfortable because you can buy alcohol.” It was amazing that I was able to run errands like that, but on the other hand, I think I’ll have them do it more often in the future… . That’s right (laughs).

Q. What was your happiest memory?
When I was in school, there was nothing I could do with my family. The time is not right. During this vacation, I ate meat and went to cafes with her grandmother and mother. I haven’t seen her grandmother in a long time, and seeing her gray hair has made her very touched. Still, before it was too late, I thought I was lucky I got her a job so I could do something for her grandma. So I changed the sofa at her grandmother’s house and bought her sneakers. At that time, I walked with her grandmother holding her hand, and she was very relaxed and happy. I guess it’s more because I spent a lot of time with her grandmother when I was little (laughs). She appreciates and likes being able to do something for the people I love (laughs).

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Q. Was there a cheering phrase that was the most memorable?
All of them are memorable, but if I had to pick one, it would be ‘Kim Ho-cheol and Kim Yun-woo are cute’ (laughs). It’s a placard with an unexpected combination, so it’s memorable.

Q. I can’t leave out the question about director Kim Ho-chul. Do you have a strong high-five before the game, was there a reason?
Actually, I had no idea at first. Suddenly, I wanted to hit it hard. So he hit hard, and the coach’s reaction was so good. He frowns and says it hurts, but it was so much fun that I continued (laughs).

Q. Is there something director Kim Ho-chul often says?

Say ‘minus it’ a lot. (I wonder if there is a reason.) The director kept calling me ‘Excuse me’, so I looked up the meaning. (Exercising – losing weight and not working hard_source Korean dictionary) But I work out really hard. So when I said, “Coach, I work hard,” the coach laughed a lot and said, “That’s right, you work hard.” So, I work really hard, but when I say that I lose weight, I get upset. I’m not going to call it minuscule (laughs).

Q. What kind of person is director Kim Ho-chul to Kim Yun-woo?
Someone like his grandfather. Even the director sometimes says to me, “Granddaughter, youngest daughter.” I think so too. When working out, he really is the coach himself, but when it’s over, he’s friendly like a family.

Q. Was there a case where you realized your popularity after debuting as a pro?
Actually, there weren’t many placards at first. It was nice to see more of my placards growing towards the end of the season. (I wonder if there are cases outside.) Not yet (laughs). There is one episode. His grandfather wrote his name at a travel agency while preparing for a family trip. The employee asked if Kim Yun-woo was IBK Industrial Bank player Kim Yun-woo. So he said he liked it when his grandfather’s shoulders went up this much (laughs). Oh and there’s one more. (Choi) Jeong-min unni and I went to Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon to watch the championship game. She came home and she said on social media, ‘I didn’t know you were Yunwoo. I thought he was a model’ (Laughs).

Q. Is there an opportunity to select a cheering song?
It’s the most exciting song by my standards. Don’t I look like a ‘romantic cat’? So I did it (laughs).

Q. How was the interview without volleyball?
It is sometimes difficult to answer when talking about volleyball. Talking about life made me look back.

Q. Lastly, please say something to your fans.
Even though I did well in the first season, there were a lot of things I lacked. Next season, I will show you how to do well without ups and downs. Thank you for your support! thank you!!

The first time is always awkward. However, Kim Yun-woo is bravely coping well both in his 20s, which came to him for the first time in his life, and in the professional stage. Through talking with him, he was able to know his ambitions and deeper feelings than anyone else. He is Kim Yun-woo, who feels happiness even in small things and knows how to be grateful. <The Spike> supports his brighter future than anyone else.

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