‘Jamsil Home Run Race Winner’ goes to 2nd team with a smile. ‘Jamsil Big Boy’ How quickly will the first team show their training performance in the second team?

I left for Icheon with a smile.

Scheduled to go to the second team. However, he is going to the first team again. LG Twins’ Lee Jae-won finished his last training session with the first team on the 20th. On the 21st, Lee Jae-won will play in a Futures League game with the second team to improve his hitting.

The perfect fit for LG’s new manager Yoon Kyung-yeop, the outfielder originally applied for the job after the end of last season, but canceled it to join Yoon. In order to develop Lee Jae-won, Yeom said he would give him regular playing time in the first team. However, three injuries changed his position completely. The first base spot that Yeom had planned to give to Lee Jae-won was given to foreign hitter Austin Dean. Dean started in the outfield, but Sehbun’s injury took his hitting away from him. He batted just 7-for-4 (2-for-27) in June and didn’t improve in July. He hasn’t played since August 8 against Lotte.

Yeom decided to continue batting practice with the first team and continue hitting in the Futures League at the start of the second half to get his feel for the game.바카라사이트

Lee Jae-won trained with his first-team teammates after the first half and during the All-Star break, and the 20th was his last day.

After the batting practice was over, a home run race was held among the remaining players. Each player took one at-bat and hit a home run to move on to the next round. Lee Jae-won’s power was overwhelming. He hit a home run over the left-center field fence. It was down to Lee Jae-won and Lee Ju-hyung. Lee Jae-won cleared the left-center field fence with ease, while Lee Joo-hyung hit a ground ball to win the game.

Raising his arms in victory, Lee Jae-won shared the ball with his teammates, ending their training with the first team.

It will be interesting to see how well he carries out his training in the second team and improves his hitting. LG, which doesn’t have many solid right-handed hitters, could be in for a treat if Lee Jae-won’s destructive power explodes in the second half of the season.

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