Jeju U-18 team growing every year, ‘full support and education’ to reach the top of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Jeju United (hereafter Jeju) U-18 youth team that took back the top spot in the National Competition for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 5 years. The road to success in the orange future is by no means an accident. With the careful consideration and support of Jeju, it is growing toward its dream.

The Jeju U-18 team won the 45th Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Cup National High School Soccer Tournament held in Jinju Sports Park from February 13th to February 26th, defeating strong Daegu Daeryun High School. The Jeju U-18 team, which won the first national championship in 2017 at the foundation of the youth team at Geum Seok-bae, succeeded in recapturing the top five years after winning the 2018 National Football Championship at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and established itself as the cradle of youth development.

It was possible because of the full support of the club. The Jeju U-18 team lives in the clubhouse and develops its potential in infrastructure comparable to a professional team, such as training, support, and supplies. We do not spare support for each field such as physical and medical as well as athletic performance. In particular, Jeju has expanded to psychology and bio-information-related education, which has recently been highlighted in importance in modern soccer.

Jeju is providing systematic psychological support to Jeju’s youth teams through ‘Sports Performance Group Eins Hana’ twice a month for the Jeju U-18 team, led by Dr. Park Ji-hoon of Psychology. It is divided into team parts, such as teamwork, leadership, and communication development, and individual parts, such as goal setting, confidence, mental training, and anxiety control.

On March 2nd (Thursday), at the Jeju Clubhouse, ‘Bio Education’ was held to learn diet-related information, such as differences in the amount of nutrients consumed depending on individual genetics. Under the support of ‘Pulmuone Food & Culture’, which is in charge of the diet of the Jeju athletes, it was a place to learn how to manage health through eating habits. Based on the theory gained through education, players will individually apply it to the personal management area, and the club will apply it to their individual diet.안전놀이터

There are not many teams that meticulously manage detailed areas for the growth of youth players beyond the operation and support of competition participation. Coach Lee Sang-ho, who leads the Jeju U-18 team, said, “In modern football, mental and bio management is also important. I would like to express my gratitude to the Jeju club for actively supporting and presenting various solutions for team and individual growth.” .

Jeju U-18 team captain Park Min-jae (3rd grade) said, “I personally feel that I am becoming stronger not only through soccer but also through external education. Based on this, I will try my best to grow into a great professional player.”

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