Jeon Hyeok-jin, the main player in the complete victory of the Korea-Japan match, “I gained a sense of security in the atmosphere of being encouraged regardless of victory or defeat”

 The Korean badminton team won a complete victory over Japan, the ‘rival’, and advanced to the quarterfinals by winning Group D of the Sudirman Cup at the 2023 World Mixed Team Championships.

South Korea defeated Japan with a final score of 5-0 in the final third match of Group D of the 2023 World Badminton Federation (BWF) World Mixed Team Championships (Sudirman Cup) held in Suzhou, China on the 17th.

The Sudirman Cup, the world mixed national badminton competition, is held every two years. In this event, each country will form a team in men’s singles and doubles, women’s singles and doubles, and mixed doubles to determine the championship.

Each match is played in the order of mixed doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles, and the first player to win 3 wins.

In the first and second group matches, Korea defeated France and England and advanced to the quarterfinals early with two wins. What remained was the Korea-Japan match. You have to take first place in the group to avoid the first place in the opponent group and receive an advantageous matchup.

Korea won consecutively in mixed doubles and men’s singles, which were not expected to be easy. In the women’s singles that followed, ‘Ace’ Ahn Se-yeong (20, Samsung Life Insurance, world No. 2) defeated Akane Yamaguchi (Japan, world No. 1), the current strongest player, 2-0 (21-11 21-15) to take first place in the group. confirmed

Korea, which confirmed the victory 3-0, won both the men’s and women’s doubles matches and won 5-0 against Japan.

Jeon Hyeok-jin (27, Yonex, world No먹튀검증. 69), who competed in men’s singles, met Kenta Nishimoto, who was ranked 15th in the world. Men’s singles was considered to have the lowest odds against Japan. However, Jeon Hyeok-jin consistently overpowered the opponent and won 2-0 (21-11 21-19).

After the match, Jeon Hyeok-jin said in an interview posted on the BWF website, “This match was very important to us. If we win, we can meet second place in another group. Having won the first match (mixed doubles), I received good energy and did not make mistakes. “I’ve been trying to play for a long time,” he said.

Jeon Hyuk-jin won the BWF Korea Masters held in Gwangju last April. After suffering from injuries for two years, he gained confidence after winning this event.

Jeon Hyeok-jin said, “I won the Korea Masters last year and performed well at the Thomas Cup (men’s national team event). I look back on myself a lot, and since then my skills have improved.” He also thanked his teammates, saying, “I liked the atmosphere in the team where I was encouraged regardless of win or loss. It gave me a sense of stability.”

1st place in Group D, South Korea will play against 2nd place in another group through a lottery.

Meanwhile, TV channels Spotiv G&H and SPOTV ON, and sports OTT service SPOTV NOW broadcast major matches of the Sudirman Cup via satellite. It will also be broadcast live on SPOTV ASIA (Spotv Asia). Sporty Asia is a channel broadcasting to 13 countries in Southeast Asia, and broadcasts tennis grand slam tournaments such as Wimbledon and US Open, men’s professional tennis ATP tour, motorcycle racing competition MotoGP (GP), WTT (World Table Tennis) table tennis competition, and BWF ( World Badminton Federation) Badminton competition, International Sports Climbing (IFSC), Sports Climbing World Cup, etc. are provided.

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