Jeong Yoo-jung, contacted 54 tutors before the crime…”Do you live alone?”

Prosecutors’ investigation revealed that Jeong Yoo-jung, who killed a woman she met through an online tutoring app and abandoned her body, contacted 54 tutors to select the target of the crime.

In Jeong Yoo-jung’s house, a notebook containing only words suggesting her murder was also found.

Cha Sang is a reporter.

Jeong Yoo-jeong found the target of the crime through an online tutoring app.

It was revealed in the prosecution’s investigation that she contacted as many as 54 people through a tutoring app before she chose the dead victim.

The prosecution explained that she showed meticulousness in finding the target of the crime by asking if she lived alone at home and if she could go 메이저놀이터to the house and take tutoring.

Prosecutors said she was “out of her mind” and confessed that the crime was premeditated when Jeong Yu-jeong, who had claimed to have committed the crime accidentally, presented evidence obtained by her.

[Jeong Yoo-jeong / Suspect in ‘Online App Murder’ (last 2 days): I think I was insane. I’m sorry.]

A note suggesting murder also came from Jeong Yoo-jeong’s house.

It was confirmed that only the phrase ‘If you don’t kill, your anger won’t go away’ was written on a new notebook.

A psychological analyst at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office analyzed, “Jeong Yoo-jung needed someone to express her inner anger, and her psychopathic characteristics influenced her to put her thoughts into action.”

It is said that she relieved her anger accumulated due to her unfortunate growth process and her failure to enter college and find a job in the ‘don’t ask murder’ method.

The prosecution explained that the reason why he was exposed to CCTV several times and showed a lack of detail, such as arousing suspicion from taxi drivers, seems to be due to his lack of social experience.

Prosecutors who handed Jung Yoo-jung over to trial said they would be punished severely in accordance with the crime.

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