Kane Kok’s house is Bayern, “next year, you can sign a transfer fee of 0 won”

There is a possibility that Bayern Munich, 먹튀검증 the best team in Germany, will sign Harry Kane (30, Tottenham Hotspur) next summer for a transfer fee of 0 won.

According to England’s ‘The Sun’ on the 16th (local time), inside Bayern, Kane was considered more suitable for the team than any other striker. He was, in fact, chosen as the first choice for recruitment. Prior to this, on the 15th, Germany’s ‘Bild’ said, “Bayern will not offer (this summer) because of Kane’s huge ransom, but if Kane does not renew the contract, he can freely transfer to Bayern in the summer of 2024.”

In the meantime, Kane has been connected with numerous teams and transfer rumors. However, he has not actually been transferred and he is still active as a Tottenham striker. He recently scored 267 goals in Tottenham’s career, surpassing Jimmy Greaves (266 goals), who played for Tottenham from 1961 to 1970, and set a new record for the most goals in his career.

It is a living history of Tottenham, but with such outstanding skills, transfer rumors are raised every time the transfer market opens. Moreover, Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires in June 2024. If Tottenham don’t finalize a new deal before the end of the season, they could be forced to let Kane go.

Bayern is satisfied with Kane’s situation. This is because if Kane and Tottenham do not renew the contract by next summer, they can sign without a transfer fee. ‘Bild’ left a positive outlook, saying, “Bayern’s chances will increase.”

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