KIA, Okinawa practice game broadcast on YouTube… 3 games from the 28th

The KIA Tigers will broadcast the Okinawa spring camp practice game live.

KIA plans to broadcast three practice games live from the 28th to the 5th of next month at the King Stadium in Okinawa.카지노사이트

All practice matches will be broadcast through the club’s official YouTube channel, ‘Gya TV’. Four cameras are used in Okinawa for this relay production, and announcer Hong Seong-hee, who is in charge of relaying the KIA Tigers game on cable TV (CMB) in Gwangju, is in charge.

KIA said, “We prepared this live broadcast to quench the thirst of fans who were thirsty for baseball during the off-season.” Meanwhile, this live broadcast may change depending on local circumstances such as weather conditions.

Meanwhile, KIA’s spring camp is divided into 1st (US) and 2nd (Japan). After digesting physical strength, technique, and tactical training under the ‘3-day training, 1-day break’ system in Arizona, USA, he will go to Japan on February 24th and start a full-fledged actual combat system at Kin Stadium in Okinawa until March 9th.

From mid-February, the team plans to enhance their sense of practice through practice matches. After completing a practice game with the WBC national team on February 19, KIA will play a total of 8 practice games, including practice games with KBO league teams. 

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