Kim Min-jae, who took a break after a long time, Naples’ defense ‘wow’… 0-2 loss to Monza ‘fourth loss of the season’

Napoli confirmed the championship early in 33 years. I was trying to finish the season with the club’s most points, but I lost a point in Monza. Kim Min-jae, who had been running without a break, took a break after a long time due to the rotation.

Napoli lost 0-2 to Monza in the 35th round of the ‘2022-23 season Italian Serie A’ held at Stadio Brianteo in Monza, Italy on the 14th (Korean time). With the league championship already confirmed, they are aiming for the most points (91 points) in the club’s history in the 2017-18 season, but they were caught by a mid-table team.

Coach Luciano Spalletti gave rest to key players with a massive rotation. Victor Osimen and others played in the attack, but Kim Min-jae, Giacomo Raspadori, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Giovanni Simeone, Tanguy Ndombele, and Hvitza Kvarachhelia started off the bench.

Napoli gave their key players a break, but their organizational power was shaky. The kick-off whistle blew and the goal was conceded in the 18th minute. Motta shook the Napoli net with the help of Penisa. It was a regrettable scene for the absence of Kim Min-jae, who kept the four-back line reliably every time.

▲ Mota’s shooting

▲ Cheering Monza

▲ Naples

Napoli counterattacked using Zielinski and메이저사이트 Osimen. Rahmani also came up intermittently and added strength to the attack. But the determination did not rise. In the second half, he allowed an additional goal in the ninth minute. Mota received a long pass and shot straight. Petanya roared as he finished off the bouncing ball.

Napoli needed a comeback goal. Raspadori, Matteo Politano, and Simeone were put in to pull the reins. Although the attacking team put strength, the Monza net was not easily shaken. In the end, they failed to score until the end of the game and lost 3 points.

▲ Naples struggling

▲ Napoli-Monza fierce ball fight

▲ Napoli ball fight

According to, a soccer statistics company after the game, most of the four-back lines had ratings of 6 points. Osimen, who struggled in the front, was the highest rating among Napoli starters with 7 points. The highest rating among both teams on this day was Mota, who scored the first goal (8.1 points).

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