Korea badminton, Sudirman Cup group stage confirmed… 4-1 win over England

Korean badminton continued its cruising journey to the top of the Sudirman Cup (World Mixed Team Badminton Championships) for the first time 먹튀검증in six years.

Korea won the match score 4-1 in the second match of Group D of the 2023 Sudirman Cup group stage against England at the Olympic Center in Suzhou, China on the 15th. The national team, which won 4-1 against France the previous day (14th), was confirmed to advance to the quarterfinals regardless of the result of the final Group D match against Japan on the 17th.

Against England, the opponent under one move, he showed leisurely player skills. In the mixed doubles match, a combination of Kim Won-ho and Chae Yoo-jeong (no ranking) was used instead of Seo Seung-jae and Chae Yoo-jeong (5th in the world) and Kim Won-ho and Jeong Na-eun (9th), but Marcus Ellis and Lauren Smith () scored a set score. It was easily defeated by 2-0 (21-16 21-7). In the second match, men’s singles, Jeon Hyeok-jin (69th) won 2-0 (21-13 21-6) over Kolan Kayan (234th) and seized the victory. In the men’s singles event, which had initially been a concern, Lee Yoon-gyu (215th) lost to France’s Christophe Popov the previous day, but Jeon Hyuk-jin revealed the prospects for this tournament with his performance that dispelled the concerns that day.

In the women’s singles match, which is a three-match match, Korea succeeded in securing points early by winning 2-0 (21-7 21-8) over Freya Redfern (229th) despite using Kim Ga-eun (22nd) instead of Ahn Se-young (2nd). did. In the 4-match men’s doubles match, a new combination Choi Sol-kyu and Na Seong-seung (no ranking), instead of giving Kang Min-hyuk and Seo Seung-jae (17th place) a break, defeated Ben Lane and Sean Buddy (16th place) 1-2 (20-22 21 -12 21-13), but in the women’s doubles match, which is 5 matches, ‘Racquet Fairies’ Jeong Na-eun and Kim Hye-jeong (6th place) beat Chloe Birch-Estel Van Lewin (26th place) 2-0 (21-17) 21-11) and closed the game. It showed solidity, giving only one set for 1 to 5 matches without using a main combination.

On the 17th, Korea will face off against Japan, who confirmed their advance to the quarterfinals by defeating France, for first place in Group D of the group stage. 1st and 2nd place in the group stage will meet in the quarterfinals with 2nd and 1st place in a separate group, respectively. In order to cruise, they must place first in Group A and avoid China and Indonesia, which are likely to be first in Groups A and B, and Malaysia and Taiwan, the ‘ambush’ in Group C.

An elder in the badminton world said, “In mixed doubles, the male player’s role determines about 60% of the win or loss. Kim Won-ho showed off good chemistry with Chae Yoo-jung this day following Na-eun Jeong the previous day,” and “the women’s doubles showed off their solidity with the performances of Na-eun Jeong and Hye-jung Kim this day, following Kim So-young and Gong Hee-yong (8th place) the previous day.”

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