Korea Expressway Corporation’s 19-year-old ‘Geumjjok’ Lee Ye-eun “Let’s go to Incheon”

Our team is on the gold side.”

The bold 19-year-old Lee Ye-eun of the women’s professional volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation became a ‘new stealer’ in the third game of the championship match (3 out of 5 matches). He was put in with one point in the second half of the set and hit a decisive serve ace, leading Korea Expressway Corporation’s first victory.

Expressway Corporation scored a set score of 3-1 (22-25 25-21 25-22 25-25-25-21 25-22 25- 20) won.

After losing the 1st and 2nd games held in Incheon, Korea Expressway Corporation won the 3rd game in the hometown and won its first win after 2 consecutive losses.

Game 4 will be held at the same place on the 4th day after a day off.

On this day, in addition to Park Jung-ah (24 points), Catherine Bell (Catbell, 21 points), and Bae Yuna (16 points), Rookie Lee Ye-eun made a surprise performance.

Lee Ye-eun changed the mood of the team by hitting a decisive serve ace in the second set 20-20. He similarly scored a serve in the third set 22-21안전놀이터, making the 4375 fans who filled the gym in Gimcheon heated up.

After the game, Kim Jong-min, head coach of the Korea Expressway Corporation, praised him, saying, “I have been a leader for 20 years, but I like such a clever (?) player.”

Lee Ye-eun, who entered the press conference with veterans Bae Yu-na and Park Jung-ah, confidently expressed her feelings despite a somewhat nervous expression.

He, who was put in as a substitute in a big game, said, “I wasn’t nervous.”

Park Jung-ah gave Lee Ye-eun a thumbs up, saying, “My team’s nickname is Gold” and “Thank you for doing your part well without being nervous.” Bae Yoo-na also explained, “It wasn’t unusual from the first time I came, but I was a friend who was good at carrying out operations, so the coach trusted me and put it into a big game.”

After scoring a decisive goal in the championship match during his rookie season, he laughed awkwardly, saying, “Honestly, I couldn’t think of anything because I was in the middle of the game.”

In response to coach Kim’s expression, “I have a brain,” he showed boldness, saying, “I honestly admit it. I thought it was all the same, only the place and environment were different during the game.”

In response to her question about her remaining 4th and 5th games, Lee Ye-eun said, “Let’s go to Incheon,” which made her laugh.

Interviewed with Park Jung-ah and Bae Yoo-na, he said with a smile, “They are cool and respectable seniors who have been cheering on TV since elementary school, but sitting here together is honestly like a dream.”

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