Kyunghee University, who left all the main players, finished the long 43 nights and 44 days of field training

Kyung Hee University has completed the domestic field training that focused on harmonizing freshmen and current students.스포츠토토

Kyung Hee University started off-campus training in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, on the 9th of last month. First of all, I focused on strengthening my physical strength, which is the most basic of the basics.

Head coach Kim Hyeon-guk of Kyung Hee University pushed the players to the limit and made them raise their stamina as much as possible. Here, high school and practice games were held simultaneously.

Even during practice games, he strengthened his stability by practicing tactics in the morning.

Nevertheless, it was somewhat disappointing that many high schools came to Yeosu and held more practice games than expected.

After spending about a month in Yeosu, he visited Daegu, Jeonju, and Gunsan to wrap up winter training with a practice game. On the morning of the 21st, in the gymnasium of Gunsan High School, the practice match between Gunsan High School and Yangjeong High School was the last training match.

Kyung Hee University showed off its strong side in close matches in last year’s college basketball league, recording 10 wins and 4 losses, taking third place.

It is evaluated that this year’s power is weaker than last year. Park Min-chae, Cho Seung-won, Lee Sa-seong, and Jang Dong-ha graduated, while Koh Chan-hyeok and In Seung-chan entered the professional league a year early. Due to this, all 5 main players have to be newly formed.

Considering this, Kyung Hee University focused on raising the performance of the lower grades, including freshmen, and matching hands and feet with existing players.

Manager Kim Hyun-guk said, “Our team had a lot of seniors. There are many players from the lower grades, such as freshmen coming in. Since they have to play the game, they focused on adapting to the league. I also paid attention to developing offense and leadership so that the 4th graders could lead the team. There are so many changes, so I focused on training,” he said. I focused on how much to reduce the deviation, and trained to achieve harmony,” he looked back on the field training.

Kim Soo-oh, a freshman, said, “It was difficult to adapt because the period of physical training was longer than in high school. This 43 nights and 44 days was long, so I was mentally exhausted.” It was very difficult, but my stamina improved and my defense skills improved, so it is worthwhile.”

Kim Seo-won said, “It was difficult to run. I thought of it as a form of physical training. It was very helpful in strengthening my stamina, and the practice game was difficult, but it was fun to play basketball together and match my hands and feet.” He said, “Let’s do it together, let’s work hard, so we overcame it.” He looked back on his winter training.

The opening of this year’s college basketball league is approaching in three weeks.

After a long winter training, Kyung Hee University plans to focus on hardening to advance to the playoffs.

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