Lee Jae-myung, at an outdoor rally, “‘It’s okay to eat contaminated water’ nonsense party”

Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, attended an outdoor rally held in front of the Seoul Press Center today (20th) and said, “The Japanese government is a waste of money, so whether neighboring countries suffer damage or not, or whether or not the world’s oceans are polluted, it will be fine if you throw it away, but the president and government of the Republic of Korea There is no reason to agree with it,” he criticized.

Representative Lee made this announcement at the ‘National Day of Action to Prevent Japan’s Marine Dumping of Radioactive Water’ held in front of the Seoul Press Center by the ‘Joint Action to Stop Marine Dumping of Radioactive Water in Japan’, a civic group meeting today.

Representative Lee said, “It is not right to call people and have a party with nonsense saying that it is ‘treated water’ rather than ‘contaminated water’, that there is no need for sample collection, or that it is okay to drink it as drinking water.” Abandon responsibility,” he said.

“No matter what anyone says, even if experts say that it’s okay to drink 10 liters every day instead of 1 liter, what is certain is that the Japanese government itself considers it a useless and dangerous substance and throws it into the sea,” he said.

This time, the Fukushima nuclear power plant contaminated water inspection team dispatched by the government failed to collect contaminated water samples for precise analysis, and criticized it.

The government explained in a briefing the day before that the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety had already received and secured samples of contaminated water from nuclear power plants and seawater from Fukushima last year먹튀검증.

Representative Lee said that he would continue to work hard to stop the discharge and continue to criticize the government in cooperation with civic groups opposed to the marine discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Representative Lee said, “We are tired of not talking about how to shape our future, holding back the opposition party through political strife and doing things that harm the people,” he said.

Some members of the Democratic Party’s Seoul metropolitan area also attended the rally.

Rep. Kang Eun-mi, head of the Justice Party’s Task Force to Prevent Illegal Dumping of Fukushima Polluted Water, and Progressive Party Standing Representative Yoon Hee-sook also attended, and also made remarks suggesting the impeachment of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

Rep. Kang insisted, “If it continues like this, we must pull it down,” and Standing Representative Yoon also said, “I clearly warn that if President Yoon betrays the people and becomes an accomplice in the terrorism of radioactively contaminated water, he will not be able to finish his term.”

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