Lee Jae-myung, let’s eat ‘watermelon’ in public, dog daughters “Sent a signal”

Regarding the fact that Lee Jae-myeong, the representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, ate watermelon at an agricultural field meeting, some strong supporters interpreted it as “sending a signal to punish watermelons.” Subak is a slang word that means the Democratic Party on the outside and the power of the people on the inside.

On the 16th, CEO Lee Jae-myeong ate watermelon with his officials at a youth agricultural field meeting held in Jangwon-ri, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

In response, some dog daughters (Lee Jae-myeong and Kang Seong supporters) interpreted Lee Jae-myeong’s fan cafe ‘Jae-myung’s Village’ on the 18th먹튀검증 as a signal that Lee sent a signal to punish the watermelons in the party, and encouraged everyone to join.

In an online community, a netizen presumed to be a supporter of CEO Lee Jae-myeong said, “If you are a politician at Lee Jae-myung’s level, ‘directing’ goes into all those events that are filmed.” It was seen, but the fact that they had time to eat watermelons openly after the recent internal shooting of watermelons against Kim Nam-guk means that Lee Jae-myeong’s intention was entered. He interpreted it as a signal sent to supporters and subaks unconditionally.”

Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, is demonstrating rice planting in a rice field in Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 16th. /Newsis

In other online communities, along with the photo, a post was posted saying, “Is this a signal that you will eat all the watermelons?”

Netizens commented on the post, “Plow the field and split the watermelon!” “Eradication of watermelon” “I want to chew and eat even the skin” “It would be really nice if it was a signal. I will have to chew on watermelons this summer” and so on.

Regarding CEO Lee Jae-myeong’s visit to the agricultural site, he interpreted that he had experienced the village village, saying, “I told you to quit the village village, so I also experienced the village village.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Won-wook is known to have said directly to CEO Lee Jae-myeong, “Stop being the head of ‘Jae-Myung’s Village'” during the ceremony of renewal on the 14th. He demanded to distance himself from ‘fandom politics’ led by strong supporters.

Lee Jae-myeong, representative of the Democratic Party of Korea, smiles brightly after completing a rice planting demonstration at the ‘Youth Agriculture Site Visit and Conference’ held in Jangwon-ri, Juksan-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 16th. /yunhap news

On the other hand, on the 12th, the dog daughters defined the Democratic Party’s youth politicians who demanded the resignation of Congressman Kim Nam-guk, who was involved in the coin controversy, as ‘watermelons’ and intensively attacked.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong met with supporters last March and said, “If I petition to expel someone (who opposes me), then what will I become?” Will that help?”

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