Lee Jeong-hoo “What about Darvish, the expected starter for the Korea-Japan match that Ha-seong told me.

A player who humbly plays his baseball despite the hot interest every day.

It is no exaggeration to say that Lee Jeong-hoo (25) is driving MLB scouts. But he’s not excited or nervous. 바카라This is a question that comes up every time he is interviewed by reporters, but he is always resolute.

After completing his second official training in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 18th (local time), he showed calm and strong mentality in an interview.

– Next is Lee Jeong-hoo’s Q&A

Q. His second training session has been completed. What do you think about your hitting and the atmosphere of the team?

I think the atmosphere is good. As for the feeling of hitting, there are still many games left, so I plan to raise it in time for March 9th.

Q. No hits in 2 at-bats against NC. A lot of people are wondering if there was any pressure from MLB scouts, and

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about it. What Agent Scott Boras said to me was, “All evaluations are over now. Even if the scouts come, you have nothing more to show. Rather, we look at your mentality to see if you can fight well under such circumstances.” After hearing that story, no matter who came or how many people came, the consciousness and tension disappeared.

Q. How was it when you went to practice with the changed batting form?

I guess I’ll have to try some more. (Before NC) There were only two at-bats, and the second at-bat came with a first pitch, so I think I still need to see more balls. I came because my team couldn’t do live betting, and the NC game was the concept of live betting. There is a game tomorrow (against KIA) and a game against kT after the rest day.

Q. You talked a lot with veteran seniors during training. Anything seems to help, but

there is a lot of willpower. Since the seniors set the center and create the atmosphere, it is reassuring to think that all I have to do is play on the playground, whether in the past or now.

Q. You will become a veteran player later, so what advice would you like to give to younger

players? “You just have to play baseball hard.” I want to do something that makes you feel comfortable without feeling pressured.

Q. How about the WBC official ball?

It felt right when you defended. It’s true that I’m worried because it’s too slippery. In the NC game, it is fortunate that there is no urgent situation when throwing home or third base, but I am worried because some balls fall out when playing catch.

Q. How will the experience of the Tokyo Olympics be applied to the WBC?

(The two events) are completely different events, and they feature different players. Our members have also changed a lot, so I think the Tokyo Olympics are the Tokyo Olympics and the WBC is the WBC. I will prepare well for the WBC.

Q. There is an expectation that Darvish will be the starter. Has Kim Ha-sung told you anything about Darvish?

I’ve heard stories, but to say it’s a secret plan… I think it’s a pity. Ha-seong and his older brother played baseball with Darvish for two years and told him how Darvish pitches and how he beats batters. I think this part will be a reference during the match. Since Ha Sung-hyung is my teammate, I think he will tell us a lot more by joining.

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