Lifelong scholarship project even after losing three daughters in the ‘Sampoong Disaster’… The late Attorney Jeong Gwang-jin

After losing his three daughters in the collapse of Sampoong Department Store 28 years ago, a senior lawyer who has practiced sharing throughout his life passed away last night.

Reporter Jae-Young Cho looked back on the life of the deceased who sublimated the pain of going to war with three of his children to the reward of sharing.

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The collapse of Sampoong Department Store in Seoul in 1995 killed as many as 502 people.

Attorney Jeong Kwang-jin, who lost three daughters at once in this nightmare scene, passed away last night at the age of 85.

His pneumonia symptoms worsened and he was treated at the hospital, but he never recovered.

Attorney Jeong, who passed the first bar exam in 1963 and served as a judge, suddenly took off his court uniform in 1978.

He practiced as a lawyer to support his eldest daughter, who had lost sight in both eyes.

It was not easy to regain her eyesight, but her daughter, who finished her studies in the United States with excellent grades, worked as a teacher at her alma mater, the Seoul School for the Blind.

She’s only been 9 months since she started growing her dream like that.

I went to Sampoong Department Store with her two younger sisters to buy things for her house, but couldn’t come back.

[Lee Jeong-hee/Wife (July 1995)]
“I thought this kind of thing happened to other people,토토사이트 but it’s so amazing because I never thought it would happen to me.”

At the time, they were all in their 20s.

[The late Lawyer Jeong Kwang-jin (July 1995)]
“It would be unfortunate if, as parents, it was regrettable that they could not do community service because they studied hard and left without being able to express their will.”

Despite sending her three daughters ahead of her, Attorney Jeong suppressed her sadness and silently continued to support her daughters.

After establishing a scholarship foundation with 700 million won in compensation and 1.3 billion won in addition to her personal assets, she donated it to her daughter’s alma mater and first job, the Seoul School for the Blind.

[The late Attorney Jeong Kwang-jin/June, 1996 (the year following the ‘Sampung Disaster’)]
“Looking at it now from Yoon Min-yi’s (eldest daughter’s) point of view, I think she would enjoy doing this kind of work, so Dad is working hard.”

The father, who had dedicated his life to sharing his eldest daughter’s dream, left again for his daughters.

This is MBC News Cho Jae-young.

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