Living alone in a home for the elderly without permission for over 10 years… I hit him when he said, “Please leave.”

A man in his 60s was caught by the police after entering the home of an elderly person living alone with a disability and living without permission for more than 10 years.

He even showed meticulousness in making arrangements for the old man to inherit his estate upon his death.

Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Police Station announced today (22nd) that Mr. A (65) was arrested on charges of elder abuse, refusal to move out, and injury.

Mr. A is accused of assaulting and abusing Mr. B먹튀검증, who has been living in the house of Mr. B (83), a woman without a disability, who has been living without permission for about 10 years.

The police went to Mr. B’s house after receiving a report of domestic violence in early March, and sensed something strange in the relationship between the two. We have confirmed that you are residing without permission.

It was also revealed that Mr. A reported moving into Mr. B’s house in 2016, referring to himself as “Mr. B’s nephew.”

Accordingly, when Mr. B died, she was in a situation where she could take her property naturally.

At the time of discovery, Mr. B had three broken ribs due to Mr. A’s assault, and he reportedly appealed to Mr. A to “sell the house and send her to a nursing home” for fear that her house would be taken over.

A police official said, “The police officers who were dispatched after receiving a report of domestic violence for the first time felt strange and became aware of the incident while checking the relationship around them.” said.

The police believe that Mr. A, who had worked as a public worker in the past, committed this crime after getting to know Mr. B through a house repair business, and is checking whether there are more elderly victims.

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