Lucky 2 runs‥’I must be batting first’

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Kim Ha-seong is making the most of his new role as the No. 1 hitter.

Check it out in the top play.

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Kim Ha-seong returned to the starting lineup after one day and played as a first baseman and second baseman.

First, he shows his presence with his stable defense.메이저사이트

It was a hard hit that could have been an infield hit, but he lightly threw the batter out at first base.

At the plate, he gets lucky.

In the sixth inning, the opposing shortstop doesn’t get a good grip on the ball, and you’re out.

The subsequent batter’s homerun blasted home.

In the seventh inning, a similar situation unfolded.

An error allowed a run to score.

And then in the eighth, a clean single up the middle.

That’s what a top of the order hitter looks like.

San Diego also snapped a six-game losing streak, beating Cincinnati 12-5.

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Here’s a fantastic diving catch by Detroit shortstop Baez.

The way he turned and threw to first base is perfect.

Top play of the game so far.

Video editing: Park Jung-ho

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