Mandi Böhm facing Ji-yeon Kim of ‘Fist of Fire’, “Ji-yeon Kim has a lot of experience.”

Kim Ji-yeon is a player with a lot of experience.”

Mandy Böhm showed caution.

On the 5th, ‘UFC Fight Night Louis Su vs. Spivak’ will be held at the Apex Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Korea’s ‘Fist of Fire’ Kim Ji-yeon will participate in this day’s competition.

Mandi Böhm has a record of 7 wins, 2 losses and 1 invalid. He boasts such strong pressure that his nickname is ‘Monster’. 스포츠토토

Ahead of the match against Kim Ji-yeon in the flyweight class, Bohn said, “Kim Ji-yeon is an experienced fighter. He respects Kim Ji-yeon’s efforts and experience.”

The following is a Q&A with Boehm.

– Why did you name it Monster?
This is a character I created. In everyday life, I consider myself a kind person. But when I enter the octagon, I become a monster.

– Is it like Jekyll and Hyde?
Exactly. It’s another self. But when I created this character, I was sane (laughs).

– Originally, this tournament was supposed to be held in Korea. How is it to fight in Las Vegas, your home country, when you are fighting in Korea, the enemy territory?
Jiyeon Kim and I both hold fight camps in Las Vegas. I was really excited to be able to travel to Korea. It was nice to be able to see Seoul, the capital of Seoul. So when I heard that the Korean Zombie (Jung Chan-sung) was injured and the tournament would be held in Las Vegas, I was a bit sad. But I always try to look at things positively. that’s how i deal with it It’s nice not having to fly for 15 hours during Fight Week, Las Vegas is used to it. It feels a bit like a home game. very comfortable I know this country and this city well, where I will eat, where I will sleep, where I am now. I think this is good too. After all, a match is a match. No matter where it opens, we are ready. We just do what we do in the Octagon.

– I met Kim Ji-yeon often in Las Vegas.
Yes. We met again in the locker room a few minutes ago. But since we’re both professional players, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. Jiyeon Kim is a very kind person. We greet each other and chat a little. It’s always like, ‘Oh my God!’ And talk a few words. But I feel completely comfortable with the situation.

– I know you trained at Extreme Couture. How was this training camp?
It was a fairly long camp. Because this match was confirmed 14 weeks ago. It was a really long camp. I’ve done all the training, I’ve prepared well, and I’m confident that I can win this game.

– Who was your sparring partner?
Jiyeon Kim’s latest opponent, Jocelyn Edwards, sparred a lot. She also trained with many players like Maria Jose Favela. There are a lot of female players and I don’t teach sparring partners. I did a lot of boxing sparring in preparation for this match. Because there is a reason Kim Ji-yeon is called Fire Fist. He’s pretty good at boxing. So, to prepare for that, I slightly focused on boxing and did a lot of boxing sparring. I can’t name my boxing sparring opponents right now, but Las Vegas is a mecca for martial arts. That’s why many high-level players gather. There are many male athletes as well as female athletes. So, it is a good environment to prepare for the game in many ways. This is not to say that we only focused on Kim Ji-yeon. I always do my best to bring out the best in myself. But I know that Kim Ji-yeon’s fists are fierce, so I prepared with many boxers.

– What advice did Jocelyn Edwards give you?
I didn’t train with Jocelyn because she was Jiyeon Kim’s latest opponent. She trained together because they were teammates, and she loves him. We sincerely believe in each other. His advice was to put pressure on Kim Ji-yeon. And that’s exactly what I’m thinking right now. Never leave this game up to the judges. Because we both have similar styles. They both have very good reach, and rather than go in first, they tend to wait for the opponent to come in before countering. Kim Ji-yeon is not usually a very active player. I think he might change his style this time and come in a little more aggressively. Let’s see what happens. I’m so excited. I get excited when I think about this weekend’s game. I thought a lot about this match. 14 weeks is a really long time. I imagined many scenarios in my head. But I am well prepared. The rest is not in our hands. I’ve done all my preparations, and now all I have to do is wait and see what the outcome will be in the Octagon.

– What kind of fighter do you think Kim Ji-yeon is?
Kim Ji-yeon has a lot of experience. She seems to be working out hard. I am not a trashtalker Always respect each other. Because it takes a lot of courage to step into the Octagon. This is why I always respect my opponents. You have to work out a lot, shed blood, sweat and tears. I think Kim Ji-yeon will be in the same position. He came from Korea to Las Vegas to set up his training camp. He knows what it feels like to be far from home. So there is a consensus between them. so respect him He respects his hard work and experience. He has fought many fights in the UFC. But a fight is a fight. When the Octagon doors close, we will both do our best to win.

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