‘Melee’ Tim Anderson, 5G suspension confirmed ’19-23 absence’

The punishment for Tim Anderson (30, Chicago White Sox), who caused a scuffle that occurred during a recent game, was finally confirmed.

ESPN, an American sports channel, reported on the 18th (Korean time) that Anderson was suspended for five games after an appeal.

The penalty for Anderson will be applied from the Colorado Rockies game on the 19th. Therefore, Anderson will miss from the match against Colorado on the 19th to the match against the Seattle Mariners on the 23rd.

This punishment is for a bench clearing incident during a game between the two teams held at Cleveland’s home stadium, Progressive Field, on the 6th.

At the time, Cleveland batter Jose Ramirez hit a hit and then collided with Chicago White Sox shortstop Anderson in the process of sliding head-first into second base.

Later, Ramirez took issue with Anderson’s play on base cover, which eventually escalated into a group brawl. In the process, Ramirez brought Anderson down with a right hook.

As a result, both Ramirez and Anderson, both team managers, Cleveland pitcher Emmanuel Classe and third base coach Mike Sabo were ejected.

The punishment for this suspension was focused on those who were sent off. First, Anderson was suspended for six games. Ramirez has 3 games.

Anderson’s level of discipline was high because he saw that he was the cause of the scuffle. It was judged that Anderson showed an act of pushing Ramirez, who was settled on second base.스포츠토토

They later appealed, and Ramirez has already been suspended for two games. In addition, the incident ended with the confirmation of Anderson’s five-game suspension.

In addition, Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopek and Cleveland outfielder Gabriel Arias were fined, not suspended.

Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol, Cleveland manager Terry Francona, and coach Clase and Sabo were all suspended for one game.

Tim Anderson. Photo = Getty Images Korea

Meanwhile, Anderson is in his worst form this season. Until the 17th, he had a batting average of 0.238, one home run, 21 RBIs, and an on-base percentage of 0.285 and an OPS of 0.568 in 92 games of the season.

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