Mini Camp Host’ Kim Gwang-hyun’s confidence “Look how this season goes”

SSG Landers Kim Gwang-hyun set up a mini-camp for about three weeks in Okinawa, Japan, with five of his juniors this off-season. The juniors selected by Kim Gwang-hyun are left-handed pitchers, including Baek Seung-gun, Oh Won-seok, Lee Ki-soon, Park Si-hoo, and Kim Geon-woo, who recently enlisted in the military, and Kim Gwang-hyun was responsible for most of the juniors’ stay expenses.

On the 25th, Kim Gwang-hyun, who left for Florida before the main team, looked back and said, “We did well. It was fun.” “Let’s see what happens this season. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I hope it goes well. I’m a very lucky player, so those players will be lucky too, “he laughed.

Oh Won-seok, who joined as the first choice in 2020, played 144 innings in 31 games last season and played an important role in the team’s starting lineup. Recognized for his achievements, Oh Won-seok rose to the ranks of the hundreds of millions of won ahead of this season.

In 2009, Baek Seung-gun, the first nomination, was discharged last year after completing his military service in Sangmu. Lee Ki-soon and Park Si-hoo are high school graduates who joined in the 2nd 5th and 10th rounds in 2022, respectively. Park Si-hoo had 2 games in the 1st team last year, and Ki-soon Lee had no record of appearances, but was listed as a first-team entry.  메이저놀이터

Kim Gwang-hyun was not a member who made his own choice. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “I received advice from the trainer coach, the second-team coach, and the staff on who to take. He asked me to select the most hard-working players mainly left-handers.”

He said, “Won-seok is a base, and they are players who have been in the first team at least once, so they are players that are not unfamiliar to me. I thought that he was a player who could work in the first team.” They are such big players who can do it,” he praised.

At the same time, Kim Gwang-hyun raised expectations, saying, “Each of them had their own distinct strengths, so they caught them well and talked to them. If they make use of those strengths well, they are players who can throw well in the first team.

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