Netizen “I want to see the real sword again”… Naver ‘I’m worried’

Naver’s concerns are deepening as political pressure intensifies over the ‘trend topic (tentative name)’ to be introduced in the second half of the year. In the political world, ahead of next year’s general election, they are throwing a check phrase, saying, ‘actually, the resurrection of the real sword’. On the other hand, the response of service users is “I want to see you again”.
Naver plans to introduce ‘Trend Topics’ on the first screen
According to the industry on the 19th, Naver is contemplating the introduction of ‘trend topics’ that show the latest trends in the second half of this year. Unlike real-time search terms in the past, Trend Topic is a service that extracts and displays frequently viewed documents by artificial intelligence ( AI ), and will be placed on the first screen of Naver.

If the actual inspection showed search terms that rose sharply in a short period of time, trend topics exclude politics and society, and only information technology ( IT ), entertainment, and sports are reflected.

As the news of the introduction of the trend topic spread, the political world continued to point out that it was a “resurrection of the real sword.” This is because there were many side effects such as manipulation of public opinion and excessive commercial marketing in the past.

In fact, the actual inspection service has been politically abused until it was abolished, from search word attacks such as “Leave your country” and “Cheer up to your country,” to comment manipulation cases (aka drucking cases). It has also been overused as a marketing tool for companies. In addition, even among celebrity fans, so-called ‘gun balls’토스카지노, in which a specific search term is intensively entered at a specific time and registered in the actual sword, were also frequent. As the actual inspection service became controversial, Naver eventually stopped the actual inspection service in February 2021, 16 years after its introduction.
Controversy over the resurrection of the real sword… Naver “Considering the introduction of the service”

Naver real-time search terms. Photo = Naver Capture

On the other hand, there are not a few responses from end users of the service saying, “I want to see it again.” It is because there are many people who miss the ‘actual inspection function’ that can grasp issues occurring in various social strata at a glance in busy daily life.

Naver’s data lab service as an alternative to actual inspection is less usable than intuitive actual inspection because it has a cumbersome process, such as entering a keyword and setting a period in order to actually use it. Mr. Kim, an office worker in his 30s, said, “Since the actual inspection service has disappeared, to find out the latest trends, you have to find posts from schools or local communities.”

A user in his twenties also said, “It was convenient because I could quickly find out through a real test when there were difficulties such as subway service suspension or KakaoTalk service error,” and “I hope it will be revived again.” Another user in his 50s also added, “The people’s right to know is also important,” adding, “There are side effects, but I think it’s good to revive the actual sword again.”

There are many cases of abuse, but the response is that there is nothing as effective as a real sword to quickly grasp the key issues of the day. However, Naver is in a deep troubled atmosphere internally. A company official said, “There are various social concerns, so we are currently considering the introduction of the service.”

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