‘News of appointment’ Klinsmann flees from Herta supervisor → Can you expect a sense of responsibility?

Can Jurgen Klinsmann (58) expect a sense of responsibility? 

As the A-match in March approaches, the appointment of our national team coach is gradually emerging. As of the 24th, the person who has emerged as a strong candidate is Klinsmann, the former coach of the German national team. 안전놀이터

On the 22nd, the German press ‘Kicker’, which boasts public confidence, reported, “Former German national team coach Klinsmann is a candidate for the Korean national team coach. Klinsmann is continuing negotiations with the Korean national team for the managerial position.” In fact, strong circumstances are being revealed all over the place. 

Klinsmann was a star player representing Germany during his active career. After his retirement, he turned into a leader and even achieved some results in the German national team and the American national team. But he’s lost his good form lately. Several players, including Philip Lahm, criticized his tactical capabilities. 

In addition to this, what is of great concern to Klinsman is ‘responsibility’. The national team is a position that requires as much responsibility as tactical ability. But Klinsman has an anecdote worth dropping on this one. 

In November 2019, Klinsmann took over as head coach of the German Bundesliga Hertha BSC Berlin, which was shaking at the time. After taking office, Hertha showed a good figure, and in the transfer market in January, Hertha spent astronomical amounts of money on multiple players such as Luca Tusar and Matheus Cunha and supported only Cleans. 

However, after the league resumed, Klinsmann resigned without any discussion after receiving criticism. He was not mentioned at all by the Berlin leadership, and it was a resignation announced on personal social media. He was close to irresponsible flight. 

Although he cannot generalize from a single case, it is also true that he is reluctant to appoint a person with such a case at the same time. In addition to the doubts about the tactical capabilities mentioned earlier. It is the task of appointing a director that is not easy to understand until now.  

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