No “dead man walking” before redemption date

28th GS Caltex Bar Professional Round of 16
Byun Sang-il loses 168 moves to Ahn Ahn-joon

(Hangeul Go = Han Chang-kyu reporter) Byun Sang-il, 9th dan, has reached the quarterfinals. On the afternoon of the 25th, Byun Sang-il defeated Ahn Ahn-joon in the last game of the round of 16 at the 28th GS Caltex Bar Professional Championship at the Go TV studio.

The two knights, six years apart in age, have never met. It was their second meeting since Ahn won the 2016 Nongshim Shin Ramyun Qualifier. It was a reunion after six years and 10 months. Despite being top-ranked players, they hadn’t had a chance to meet.

Byun Sang-il 9-dan was runner-up to Jeon and Jeon Jeon. Both times, he was stopped in the finals by Shin Shin-seo.

The battle over hemp was intense. It looked like it was going to happen when Ahn Ahn-joon 9th dan put it on overwhelmingly, but Byun Sang-il 9th dan saved it안전놀이터. It was the end of hemp Buddhism. 2 hours and 20 minutes and 168 moves later.

Afterward, Byeonsang-il 9th Dan said, “I thought it was fine at first. I thought I could survive, but I didn’t play well. I made a lot of mistakes, so it was dangerous, but I was lucky to survive.” In the May rankings, Byun Sang-il was ranked 3rd and Ahn Ahnjun was ranked 7th.

Byun Sang-il overcame Ahn Ahn-joon’s wave attack.

At the GS Caltex Games, Byun Sang-il was the runner-up in the all-electric competition. In the 26th edition, he won eight straight games from the qualifiers to the first round of the final, but lost 2-3 to Shin Shin-seo in the five-game final. In the 27th season, he was also on a winning streak, but lost 0-3 to Shin Shin-seo 9 in game 5 of the final.

That’s not all. In the quarterfinals of the 25th edition, and in the quarterfinals of the 24th edition, Byun Sang-il 9th dan’s path was blocked by Shin Shin-seo 9th dan. Shin Shin-seo 9th dan was also the ‘grim reaper’ for Byun Sang-il 9th dan at the GS Caltex Bar.

Ahn had reached the quarterfinals of the GS Caltex Cup in games 21, 26, and 27.

This time, there is no Shin Shin-seo 9th dan in front of Byun Sang-il 9th dan. This is because Baek Hong-seok defeated Shin Shin-seo in the previous round of 16 match. It was an unexpected turn of events that put the brakes on Shin Shin-seo’s streak of five consecutive championship victories at the GS Caltex Bar and 29 consecutive victories at home and abroad.

In the quarterfinals, he will face the eighth-ranked Won Sung-jin 9 dan. Byun Sang-il leads the head-to-head with 10 wins and 3 losses. The prize money for the 28th GS Caltex Bar, which consists of a preliminary round with 302 participants, a round of 24 main tournament with five seeds, and five final rounds, is 70 million won for the winner and 30 million won for the runner-up. The quarterfinals will begin on the 26th against Baek Hong-seok and Park Jin-sol.

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