Oh Se-geun 21 points – Abando 18 points. KGC 81 vs. 67 2nd round revenge blood battle. SK coach Jeon Hee-chul’s last resort. The reason why all the starting players in the match are benched.

“It will definitely be different from the first game.”

Anyang KGC locker room leader Yang Hee-jong, who announced his retirement at the end of this season, said before the game. It actually happened.

KGC won the first counterattack.

KGC defeated Seoul SK 81-67 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Championship Decision (7 out of 4 wins, 0 2nd game) held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 27th. KGC, who lost the first game, won 1 win and 1

loss Oh Se-geun played a big role

with 21 points and 9 rebounds, and SK nemesis Lens Abando also played a key role in the victory with 18 points and 3 steals.

The key to the mound was KGC’s change in defense.

In the first game, SK was the so-called ‘unbread basketball’ that maximized the attacks of Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney.

KGC needed a defensive change. I needed a tighter mark for Kim Seon-hyung or Warney. KGC’s choice was a defense that induces left dribbling, one of Kim’s weak points.

However, SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol and Kim Seon-hyung both predicted this change. It was a weakness that had already been suffered in the 6th round against KCC, and was also touched by the opponent in the regular league.

Manager Jeon said, “Kim Seon-hyeong’s left-handed breakthrough is a weakness caused by having to shoot lay-up shots with the left hand. He frequently passes into corners, and that’s why he developed a floater.”

KGC deployed Moon Seong-gon, the best defender in the league, as Kim Seon-hyung’s marksman. However, Kim Seon-hyung opened the door with 3 stores lightly. However, the play that perfectly stirs the inside and outside like the first game has decreased.

Byun Jun-hyung was active in KGC. Judging that he was sluggish in the first game, he dug under his goal as if he was determined. In the end, KGC’s micro advantage. Spellman’s quick dunk came out. 15-10, 5 points KGC’s lead, SK’s operation time.

Warney broke the KGC uptrend. Plotters explode after trademark post-up. The scary thing about Warnie is this part. Produces the most stable score when the team flow is unfavorable. Yoo Jae-hak, general manager of Hyundai Mobis, said, “The key reason Warney is evaluated as the best foreign player ever is because the one-on-one score production is the most stable.”

However, Spellman immediately responded with 3 points. Certainly, KGC seemed to have made up its mind and came out. In addition, KGC showed the appearance of SK’s natural enemy as Abando, who did not play a big role in the first game, concentrated on 7 points including 3 points. The first quarter ended with a 23-18, 5-point KGC lead.

Oh Se-geun’s first goal. It was heavy.

However, he responded with Kim Seon-hyung’s side plotter. However, the mark for Kim Sun-hyung has definitely become stronger. Kim Seon-hyung’s ability to use the screen is the best in the league, but if Moon Seong-gon misses, he immediately switches, and Byun Jun-hyung is the mark. When I got on the screen, I continued to press with a fight through.

Oh Se-geun’s top 3 stores exploded. When Choi Boo-kyung’s bottom-of-the-goal shot came out with Kim Seon-hyeong’s exquisite assist, KGC opened up three runs to Byun Jun-hyeong. The 3 stores that did not explode in the first game exploded like a dam. 35-22, 13-point lead.

In the first game, SK played an almost perfect game in offense and defense. In particular, Kim Seon-hyung and Warney stirred the inside and outside. However, as KGC strengthened the defense against Kim Seon-hyung’s side, Warney’s decision-making ability also slightly decreased.

Then, KGC not only Warney and Oh Se-geun, but also Byun Jun-hyung and Moon Seong-gon added a shot under the goal with a high probability.

A clear scene showing the difference in strength that predicted KGC’s dominance in the championship match. 37-22, 15 points KGC’s lead, SK’s operation time.

A confrontation between the two teams’ second units. A lull ensued. Kim Hyung-bin scored with an exquisite assist from Kim Sun-hyung. However, Abando, who was resting on the bench, received an exquisite pass from Daryl Munro and exploded a dunk under the goal.

The two teams fought hard like a championship game. It was a hard call for the referees to not charge a foul for any physical contact. Eventually, the scoring power of both teams stopped for a while.

Seonhyung Kim pierced the strong mark and managed to score a floater. KGC’s final attack. Oh Se-geun suddenly ordered Abando and Bae Byeong-jun to adjust their positions in the right corner.

Byun Jun-hyung and Oh Se-geun’s frontal 2v2. Afterwards, Byun Jun-hyeong passed to Oh Se-geun. Then, a handy-off to Bae Byeong-jun, who was curling on the off-the-ball screen. And Oh Se-geun’s screen. Bae Byung-Jun had an instant open chance, and shooter Bae Byung-Jun could not miss it.

Perfect KGC’s attack pattern. It was very intense. Often, the momentum at the end of the first half continues into the third quarter. 42-28, KGC’s lead by 14 points. It was a perfect first half finish for KGC.

SK got off to a good start with Heo Il-young’s 3-storey corner.

Kim Seon-hyeong began to shake the KGC defense with two assists at the beginning of the quarter. However, Abando again poured cold water into the SK flow. The ball that Warney caught the rebound was connected with a steal and a shot under the goal by Oh Se-geun.

SK coach Jeon Hee-chul, who requested an operation time, was excited. Previous situation Kim Sun-hyeong’s dribble and Oh Se-geun’s foul play were protested vigorously. It was a foul play by Oh Se-geun, who could not keep up with Kim Seon-hyung’s speed when watching the slow screen.

From SK’s point of view, it was a very important scene in terms of flow. At this time, Abando steals again. It was connected by Spellman’s quick attack. 48-32, 16 points widened.

At this time, Warney’s technical foul came out. The score gap started to widen.

When Moon Sung-gon marked Kim Seon-hyung, SK Warney’s power dropped. However, Kim Seon-hyung and Warney were not mentioned as the greatest one-two punches for nothing. Warney broke Spellman’s mark and even got a foul free throw. Successful 3-point play.

Afterwards, Kim Seon-hyeong’s skip pass to Choi Seong-won’s corner 3 store broke. In an instant, 53-41, a 12-point chase. KGC’s timeout.

At this time, Moon Seong-gon collapsed without avoiding Heo Il-young’s screen. Moon Seong-gon, who complained of pain, was replaced with Bae Byung-jun.

Abando shot 3 double clutches. passed the rim. Abando, who has such good flight time, often succeeds in shooting even from imperfect balance. However, in SK, Kim Seon-hyung and Warney took advantage of the opponent’s close contact mark and helped Choi Bu-kyung break through the goal, breaking through the attack. When KGC’s attack failed, Kim Sun-hyeong assisted Heo Il-young’s quick break across the court. Again 12 points difference.

Fortunately, Moon Seong-gon was put back into the court. The 12-14 point difference continued. Gradually the fight got tougher. In the end, it ended with KGC leading 64-50, 14 points. KGC interfered with SK’s offensive system by pressing Kim Seon-hyung from the half court.

There were occasional 3-point bursts in corners, but they were incomplete. On the other hand, KGC’s attack was also not smooth. However, the flow continued with indiscriminate offensive rebounds such as Oh Se-geun, Spellman, and Moon Seong-gon and unexpected steals from Abando.

KGC used a second unit in the beginning. In fact, there were concerns that it could provide SK with an excuse to pursue. However, Spellman’s offensive rebound and exquisite assist flew to Bae Byung-jun. 3 stores exploded.

However, SK pursued again with Choi Bu-gyeong’s bottom-of-the-box shot, Kim Seon-hyung’s free throw, and Warney’s floater. 12 points.

With about 6 minutes left at the end of the 4th quarter, KGC appointed an elite member. Byun Jun-hyung and Park Ji-hoon’s double guardㅋㅋㅋ벳, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Spellman were put in.

Moon Seong-gon’s offensive rebound. Park Ji-hoon succeeded in an exquisite fake and plotter after a 2v2 attack. It was a 14-point difference, a meaningful goal.

Then, with 5 minutes and 52 seconds left in the 4th quarter, SK replaced many of the main players including Kim Seon-hyung and Warney. The plan is to block KGC’s brunt with a strong defense, and if there is a chance to turn the game around, the starting players will be reintroduced with 1-2 minutes left in the game. There was also a calculation that if SK could not turn the game over by 14 points and lost, SK could be hit in the future in the 3rd and 4th games. KGC actively utilizes the second unit in the 3rd and 4th quarters and stockpiles the stamina of the main players. On the other hand, in SK, Kim Seon-hyung, Huh Il-young, Choi Bu-kyung, and Warney played a lot. Moreover, these were veterans at risk of injury. In the end, the former director made a decision.

SK deployed players with good energy such as Oh Jae-hyeon, Yang Woo-seop, Song Chang-yong, Kim Hyung-bin, and Leon Williams. Oh Jae-hyeon’s quick break scored. And the corner 3 store exploded.

73-65, with 2:30 left.

However, there was Abando on the KGC bench. As soon as it came out, I connected a sharp drive-in and a floater score. Maintained a 10-point lead. After that, after grabbing the decisive offensive rebound, he scored with a footback. Afterwards, Park Ji-hoon made a crucial layup shot.

The second game was a complete victory for KGC. He effectively prevented the 2-2 between Kim Seon-hyeong and Warney. In particular, KGC dominated the game by tying SK Warney to 9 points.

Certainly, KGC’s objective power was strong. Not only Oh Se-geun, but also Abando, Park Ji-hoon, and Bae Byeong-joon who came off the bench played their part. SK was a game where Choi Jun-yong’s absence was clearly felt. Not only the main lineup, but also the strength of the second unit has declined. Therefore, in order to prevent more damage in a situation where he was leading by 14 points, coach Jeon Hee-cheol had no choice but to make a decision to exclude all of the main players.

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