‘Oil money rejected’ → Man U join hands with ‘billionaire’ instead of Qatar

 A come-from-behind victory seems likely. Negotiations to sell Manchester United, which began last year, are coming to an end. The eventual winner, however, is said to be a British billionaire, not a Qatari banker.

British media all reported on the 30th that a group led by Sir Jim Ratcliffe was moving closer to taking over Manchester United by defeating Qatari banker Sheikh Jashim.

In particular, he explained that it was crucial that Sheikh Jassim rated Manchester United higher than the £5 billion he last bid for on Friday. But Sir Ratcliffe’s takeover of Manchester United means that the current owners, the Glazer family, still have some ownership of the club, so I’m worried about how fans will react.

Sheikh Jassim is said스포츠토토 to have bet more than £5 billion to acquire a 100% stake in Manchester United on the 28th.

However, the British media say that the company led by Sir Ratcliffe has set the value of Manchester United higher than 5 billion pounds.

But Lord Ratcliffe doesn’t have the ability to pay £5 billion. So he intends to acquire only 69% of the shares held by the Glazer family. 69% of £5 billion would amount to around £3.5 billion. This is the amount that Lord Ratcliffe offered in his first takeover attempt.

It seems that Sir Ratcliffe turned away Sheikh Jassim’s offer to Qatar as a tactic of both gains by recognizing the Glazer family’s stake while setting the value of Manchester United high.

Even the Glazer family has nothing to lose. It’s an enticing offer, as it could take £3.5 billion and still hold a significant stake in the club. Of course, there are reports that the Glazers would like to own more than this, so Lord Ratcliffe may only acquire a little more than the 50% that would give him control.

The American Rainey Group, which is leading the sale, also revealed that the group led by Sir Ratcliffe rated Manchester United higher than the Qatari banker. It means that he prefers a win-win bet between Sir Ratcliffe and the Glaser family rather than Shake Jassim’s ‘oil money’.

The final bid closed at 10pm on the 28th, UK time. It is said that the bid proposal went to the Glazer family. The process of selecting bidders is expected to take about a week to 10 days.

In addition, an American investment group is also receiving a proposal to invest 1 to 2 billion pounds in the construction of Old Trafford and training grounds in the Glazer family, so it seems that Sir Ratcliffe will favor it. That’s a dramatic reversal.

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