Park Ji-hyun’s creepy latest, ‘Non-Party Chairman→Student’…”Completed Anti-War Political School”

Recently, Park Ji-hyun, the former chairman of the emergency committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, who has been expressing his own views on political issues, has been attracting attention. The former deputy chairman of the Democratic Party of Korea, the party with the most seats in the National Assembly, has returned to his “roots” and completed a political school.

On April 24, Park posted several photos of his political school graduation ceremony on his Facebook page, along with a written reflection.

“I completed the anti-war political school,” Park said, adding, “In this dark political reality where only competition remains, every Saturday at the anti-war school was a time when I could feel a ray of hope in our politics.”

“It was a dream to be able to come together, listen to informative lectures, and share, discuss, and interact with each other, even if we had different opinions,” he said. “The hardest part of my short stint as vice chairman was that I had very few colleagues,” he added, recalling the difficulties of his time as vice chairman.

“When I think back to the moments in the past when I was struggling to change things, even if it was by myself, I sometimes felt sorry for myself,” she said. “But now, I am so happy that I have precious colleagues, the first class of reversal students.”

“I think I’ll miss Saturdays with my classmates for a while,” Park concluded메이저놀이터, “and I dream of our future, where we will be walking the path together at some point in the infinite days ahead of us.”

Park Ji-hyun, former chairperson of the Emergency Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, completed the first semester of the Anti-War Political School. <Park Ji-hyeon SNS
In recent years, Park has consistently expressed her stance on controversial issues in the political arena. As a result, she has complained that she is being attacked with malicious comments from the hardline supporters of the Democratic Party.

Recently, he commented on the rigid fandom politics within the party, saying, “The biggest problem is that they think that the voice of the fandom is the voice of the party, and when it is not projected, they commit text bombs, violence, and deny democracy.” “Fandom politics is an act that harms democracy within the party. “The role of the leadership is really important,” he said, adding, “It is also necessary to sanction the behavior of politicians who parasitize on fandom and use donations or ‘cyber lekka’ to extend their political life.”

Park Ji-hyun, former chairperson of the Democratic Party of Korea’s Emergency Committee, who completed the first semester of the Anti-War Political School. <Park Ji-hyun SNS
In particular, Park criticized Independent Representative Kim Nam-gook, who defected after being caught up in a controversy over his investment and holding of large amounts of cryptocurrency (hereinafter referred to as coins). “The polarizing fanbase is criticizing the youth and the National University Student Committee for holding a press conference to criticize Representative Kim’s coin suspicions,” Park said. “The polarizing fanbase says that there is nothing wrong with using coins, but reports are pouring in that Representative Kim traded virtual assets even during the parliamentary standing committee meeting where the Itaewon tragedy was reported and during the personnel hearing of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon.”

“Representative Lee wrapped his arms around Representative Kim at the parliamentary meeting for ‘renewal’ last Sunday. “While the representative is covering up for a wrongdoing lawmaker, the youth who said the right thing are being attacked and criticized tremendously.” “There is open violence in the party, what is the representative doing, and whose side is he standing on?” “One of the youths being attacked said, ‘I think it will only end when one of us dies,'” he added. There are even posts trying to dig up the location of the young men.” He expressed his frustration.

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