Police summon Lee Sun-hee for ‘suspected embezzlement of hundreds of millions’

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Singer Lee Sun-hee was summoned to the police today.

Suspicion of embezzlement.

Police reportedly received a tip that Lee embezzled hundreds of millions of won from her agency.

Reporter Choi Joo-hyun has the exclusive report먹튀검증.

Singer Lee Sun-hee was summoned to the National Police Agency’s Major Crime Investigation Division this morning.

The police summoned Lee in connection with the suspected embezzlement of funds from One Entertainment, the agency she headed.

One Entertainment was founded by Lee in 2013 and was liquidated in August last year.

For a period of time, Lee’s daughter, Yoon Mo, and the head of Lee’s agency, Hook Entertainment, Kwon Mo, were named as company directors.

According to a Channel A interview, police are investigating Lee for embezzling hundreds of millions of won from the company.

The police are also reportedly suspecting that Lee falsely listed employees in the process.

Earlier, in November last year, police raided Hook Entertainment, where Lee was listed as a director.

The company’s CEO Kwon had been involved in a dispute with Lee Seung-ki, a singer who worked for the company, over the settlement of music revenue.

Mr. Lee is reportedly denying the allegations during the police investigation.

Mr. Lee reportedly stated that he had “been active as a singer for decades,” and that he “was not involved in the management of the agency and did not know about the embezzlement.”

Mr. Lee’s agency also stated, “We will work diligently on the investigation and actively clarify the facts.”

I’m Choi Joo-hyun, Channel A News.

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