‘Preparing for a career high season’ Kim Ha-gyeong “I don’t want to lose in the competition with Ponpun”

Kim Ha-gyeong is the main setter of IBK Industrial Bank. He played in 31 regular league games in the 2021-2022 season and digested 105 sets, and in the 2022-2023 season, he played in all 36 games and served as the team’s field commander for 136 sets.

In particular, when coach Kim Ho-cheol, who was a ‘legend setter’, took over, Kim Ha-kyung faced a turning point in his volleyball life. In addition to his quick toss, he was able to gradually develop his flexible game management skills.

Ahead of last season, Kim Ha-gyeong was selected for the national team and could not properly train during the off-season. He had relatively little time to match up with his teammates. In the meantime, the season ended a little unfortunately.

Off season started again. Kim Ha-kyung is working on training with solemn determination. Two big reasons come to his motivation. One is a golden opportunity to show off the completed skills, and the other is because there is a big competitor.

In the Asia Quarter, which was introduced for the first time ahead of the new season, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea took the first place overall and nominated Phonpun Gedpard, the starting setter for the Thai national team. The competition between Fontun and Hakyung Kim is inevitable.

IBK Industrial Bank, which started off-season training from early May, left for the first battery training in Chungju on the 9th. At the IBK Industrial Bank Chungju Training Center Gymnasium located in front of Chungju Dam, morning and afternoon training continues in the heat.

Kim Ha-gyeong comes out early and prepares for training. Even after he lifts a ball, he checks the pitch through communication with the strikers.

Kim Ha-gyeong, whom I met right after training, is serious from the expression on her face. He said, “It’s a bit difficult because it’s focused on physical training. I’ve played a lot, and now the proportion of volleyball is increasing.”

He showed confidence, “Currently, my physical condition has improved by 60-70% compared to the season. I am steadily conducting off-season training먹튀검증.”

How did the joining of Phonpun Setter come to Kim Ha-kyung? He said, “I’ve seen Ponpun play before, and I saw Ponpun play in person even when I went to the national team last year. It was an impressive play. Coach Kim Ho-cheol is also a world-class setter and teaches a lot. Ponpun is also a good setter, so there are definitely things to learn from watching it. There will be,” he said.

He added, “It is also true that with the arrival of Ponpun, there is an expectation that our team will be able to play faster volleyball.

Hakyung Kim was already simulating after joining Fontun.

What was significant was what followed. Kim Ha-kyung confirmed his will to compete, saying, “I don’t want to lose to Ponpun.”

IBK Industrial Bank is playing the fastest volleyball among the seven women’s volleyball teams. This season, we want to speed things up even more. But it is still a warm-up process.

Kim Ha-kyung said, “I am training at my usual speed. When the physical condition of the strikers improves, I try to increase the speed and match the height.”

The length of time he stayed with the national team last season gave Kim Ha-kyung a realization. “Obviously, speed volleyball in other countries was height-based. It was different from our volleyball style,” he said. He added strength to his voice, saying, “Experience gained in the national team is valuable, but learning while matching with the coach and teammates on the team is also meaningful.”

Kim Ha-kyung said, “I came to the pros and welcomed the 8th season. So far, my career high has been the 2021-2022 season with coach Kim Ho-cheol. I want to make a career high season based on stability for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.”

We are looking forward to the new season of Kim Ha-kyung, who has been active as the team’s main setter for two seasons.

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