‘Queen of the season’?, a brilliant yet cruel season in the V-League

May, the ‘queen of the seasons’, is just around the corner, but it is not a season that is just brilliant for everyone. It is also a bitterly cold season when someone has to leave the team they’ve been friends with.

Recently, 14 men’s and women’s teams in the V-League have reinforced their strength in various ways. Some teams made bold investments by signing free agent contracts, and all 14 teams selected players through the newly introduced Asian quota system. In addition, tryouts for foreign players will be held from May 6th to 8th in the men’s division and from the 11th to the 13th in the women’s division, which may decide the success or failure of the next season. With spring, the season of beginnings, many new faces are joining the team.

However, if there is someone who starts anew, there are people who say goodbye sadly. Due to the salary cap system and entry limitations, when someone new joins the team, someone has to leave. The moves of those who leave the team are diverse. There are players who wear the uniforms of other teams, and there are players who move their enemies to the unemployment league. Unfortunately, there are some players who are preparing for a new life by putting down the volleyball they have been fond of.

In particular, some teams were put in a situation where they had to sort out the players in a specific position through free agency and the Asian Quarter. It is an unavoidable choice for efficient team composition and management. Who are the teams that have to clean up their squad with the feeling of ‘upside down’?

IBK Industrial Bank – The butterfly effect that the joining of Phonpun will bring
IBK Industrial Bank registered and hired a total of four setters (Kim Yun-woo, Kim Ha-kyung, Lee Sol-ah, and Lee Jin) in the 2022-2023 season. Likewise, it is a team that had the most setters in the women’s division along with KGC Ginseng Corporation, which employed four people. But now, a cleanup is inevitable. This is because Phonpun Gedpard (Thailand) joined through the Asia Quarter.

If Ponpun can overcome the problems of adapting to the V-League and the stamina caused by the Thai national team schedule, there is no doubt that he has an immediate sense of power. Coach Ho-cheol Kim also did not hide his expectations for Phonpun in an interview after the draft. Therefore, it seems that Ponpun will digest a considerable amount of game time after joining, but since it is inefficient to operate 5 setters in one team, it is virtually certain to organize the players. You can match a trade card with a team that wants to reinforce the setter, or you can release one or two players according to your plan for the next season.

Pepper Savings Bank – Players returning from injury are a variable
Last season, Pepper Savings Bank suffered from a shortage of players. In particular, the outside heater position was a headache. Ji Min-kyung did not return until the end of the season, and Park Eun-seo was also out of the team due to ankle surgery, so Lee Han-bi, who was not in good health, could not even be given a break. After Nia Reed suddenly left the team due to the ‘hemp jelly’ happening, an unfunny situation arose where Moon Seul-gi, whose main position was a libero, played as an apogee. As this is a team that has suffered measles once, it seems that they will be careful in organizing the squad. 

You can’t even lay your hands on it. In particular, depending on the degree of recovery of Ji Min-kyung (OH) and Ha Hye-jin (MB/OP), who are recovering from long-term injuries, the direction of the team’s organization should be taken differently. With Park Jung-ah and Chae Seon-ah joining, if Jimin-kyung joins in good health토스카지노, it is Pepper Savings Bank with only seven outside hitters (Park Kyung-hyun, Park Eun-seo, Park Jung-ah, Lee Eun-ji, Lee Han-bi, Jim Min-kyung, and Chae Sun-ah). The middle blockers will also be seven (Gu Sol, Park Yeon-hwa, Seo Chae-won, Yeom Leung, Choi Ga-eun, Ha Hye-jin, MJ Phillips), including Gu Sol, who moved to the position when Ha Hye-jin returns, and MJ Phillips, who joined the Asian quarter. As Park Jung-ah, a major free agent, announced his will to create different results in the third season, a more cool and clever judgment is needed from the team formation stage.

OK Financial Group – There was obviously a lack of setters, but now there are too many
OK Financial Group traded with KEPCO before the start of last season. Middle blocker Jung Sung-hwan was handed over to KEPCO, and veteran setter Hwang Dong-il was recruited. At the time, OK Financial Group was ruled out for the season due to Kwon Jun-hyung suffering an Achilles tendon rupture injury during a practice match in a situation where Lee Min-gyu could only join after the 5th round. I decided to trade after judging that this was too weak.

After so hastily reinforcing the setter, the season is over, and OK Financial Group has to prepare for the next season. But now, it seems that the setter team needs to be sorted out. Lee Min-gyu returned in the second half of last season, and Kang Jung-min applied for the position of managing director last season, but was eliminated and had to play one more season. Now, when Kwon Jun-hyeong recovers from his injury and joins, there will be only 5 setters. Somehow it needed to be sorted out.

It’s a pity to let go of a member who has shared the joys and sorrows together, but it is also a moment that must be endured in order to achieve results as a professional team. Which players will survive, and which players will have no choice but to take on new challenges? The splendid yet cruel season has arrived.

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