“Rain and Jang Dong-gun’s neighbor’s house is an empty house with the lights off.”

Luxury villas costing billions of won are in trouble for unsold sales. It was found that unsold properties remained even in the complexes famous for being the residences of famous celebrities, conglomerates, and celebrities. The price itself is so high, and considering the burden of taxes and management fees, the sale should be done in a hurry, but it is analyzed that it is not easy to sell out as expensive apartments and luxury villas have recently appeared on the market one after another.

According to the real estate industry and certified copies of the register on the 21st, ‘BRUNNEN Cheongdam ‘ located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul was completed in October 2019, but half of the total 8 households, 4 households, were not sold, so the CEO of Brunnen Co., Ltd., the supplier, took ownership. has Looking at the transaction price at the time of sale, the supply area of ​​208㎡ is in the 4.1 billion won range, and the sale price per 3.3㎡ (pyeong) exceeds 65 million won. Currently, the largest penthouse in this building is looking for an owner for 8.5 billion won.

Brennen Cheongdam, located in an area where luxury villas are concentrated in Cheongdam-dong, with 3 floors below ground and 7 floors above ground, received attention by updating the charter price in 2021. It is known that Han Sung-soo, CEO of Pledis,안전놀이터 Hive Labels, who nurtured singer Seventeen, signed a worldwide contract with a deposit of 7.1 billion won for a penthouse exclusive area of ​​219.96㎡. Another penthouse was confirmed that singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), husband of actor Kim Tae-hee, signed a worldwide contract in June of last year. Kim Tae-hee and Rain sold a house in Itaewon-dong, where they lived for six years, for 8.5 billion won in May last year. In addition, other lakes that have not been sold are chartered under the names of Big Hit Music Co., Ltd. and Shinsegae International for 6 billion won and 3.5 billion won, respectively. ‘The Penthouse Cheongdam ( PH129

)’ , which is the home of actors Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young and has ranked first in the official price of an apartment house for three consecutive years, still remains unsold. This luxurious villa, built on the site of the Ellui Hotel at 129 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, started selling in 2020, but four out of a total of 29 units failed to find their owners. When the PH129 penthouse was initially supplied, the pre-sale price was KRW 25 billion, and houses on other floors were also priced at KRW 8-12 billion .

In ‘Le Garden the Main Hannam’ in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, some of the lakes have not been sold and are still owned by the developer. Located near UN Village, a luxury villa village in Hannam, this luxury house was built in June 2019 and has only 16 units. In May and June of last year, when the real estate was stagnant, 225.41㎡ and 269.12㎡ for exclusive use were traded at 9 billion won side by side, making headlines.

Regarding this, some analyze that the developer did not actively proceed with the sale, expecting that the value of the real estate would increase in the future. In the case of ‘Nine One Hannam’, a luxury villa known to be inhabited by singers such as BTS , it is said that the developer made a decision to own a penthouse. Nine One Hannam Penthouse was initially sold for 16.4 billion won, but the current market price is expected to exceed 20 billion won.

A luxury villa brokerage consulting official said, “Luxury villas are difficult to sell quickly due to low accessibility. On the contrary, it is not easy to be competitive as many luxury villas have been created, so there are cases where people around them are mobilized to sign a sales contract.” It may not be done, but considering the cost, it is not common.”

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