Referee Moon Seok-jin, WKBL’s 2nd player in 500 matches

Referee Moon Seok-jin of the WKBL (Korea Women’s Basketball League) achieved 500 personal appearances.온라인카지노

Referee Moon, who debuted on the WKBL stage as an assistant referee for Shinsegae and Woori Bank on October 31, 2007, recorded 500 appearances in a match between KB Stars and Hana 1Q on January 15.

Referee Moon’s 500 appearances are the second in WKBL history. In 2014, referee Ryu Sang-ho became the first WKBL referee to record 500 games.

To commemorate her 500 game appearance, an awards ceremony was held at the WKBL office building on the 17th with WKBL President Lee Byung-wan and all referees in attendance. President Byung-Wan Lee delivered a plaque and prize money to Referee Seok-Jin Moon.

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