It was Kwon Ah-sol (36) who caused the box office success and overturned it. It drew attention before the match, but ruined everything with a failed weigh-in the day before the match.

Kwon Ah-sol recorded 78kg at the Goobne Road FC 062 official weigh-in event held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th, exceeding the contract weight of 73kg by 5kg. Kwon A-sol, who weighed more than 5 kg a day before the match against Koji Nakamura (37), was unable to participate in the match due to health problems caused by excessive weight loss.

After his weigh-in failure, Kwon A-sol entered with the help of the coaching staff without an official photo shoot. He did not even attend the official press conference held after that. It is known that Kwon Ah-sol was exhausted that day while losing excessive weight. 스포츠토토

After his weigh-in failure, the storm continued at the press conference. There are four title fights at lightweight, bantamweight, featherweight and light heavyweight, but the spotlight is on Kwon Ah-sol.

Nakamura had already signed a contract prior to the tournament to receive 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money if he failed to weigh-in. He said, “I came here with the desire to leave money and fight, but now money is not important, it is important to be able to fight or not.”

Nakamura added, “I’m most curious about Kwon Ah-sol’s condition,” and added, “I’ll look forward to it and wait because tomorrow it will be better and I can fight.”

Lightweight champion Park Si-won (20) said, “It’s because I didn’t exercise,” and said, “I thought it was a lightweight at first.” He continued, “The results are as expected. I hope you stop (playing).”

Moon Jae-hoon (38), who is preparing for the bantamweight title fight, also raised his voice. He emphasized, “If I were the opponent, I would not fight.” Jeon Moon-hoon said, “The reason why I couldn’t lose 5 kg is a lack of effort.” “If you go on stage without making an effort, you show a bad image to the players who worked hard,” he said.

Park Hae-jin (30), who is participating in the featherweight title fight, was cautious as he himself failed at the weigh-in at 66.7kg, out of 66kg. He said, “As a player who failed together, I have nothing to say about Kwon Ah-sol’s weigh-in.” He continued, “Still, I respect the challenge itself as the biggest box office icon of Road FC.”

The Road Mall Road FC 062 competition will be held on the afternoon of the 18th at the Swiss Grand Hotel Convention Hall.