‘Roller Coaster’ Snell, ‘Run for Cy Young Award’ amid surprising luck

The chances of Blake Snell (31, San Diego Padres) winning the Cy Young Award are increasing as he did not give up a run despite his roller coaster pitching during the game.

Snell pitched 155 innings in 28 games this season until the 4th (Korean time), recording 12 wins, 9 losses, and an average ERA of 2.50. 201 strikeouts.

This is the highest ERA in the major leagues, surpassing the National League. He also has 155 innings, with only 7 innings remaining in regulation, and has surpassed 200 strikeouts.

Accordingly, many predict that if Snell maintains his current performance, he will win his second Cy Young Award five years after 2018.먹튀검증

However, there are many analyzes that say that Snell’s performance is a result of great luck. He ranks first among all major league pitchers in walks with 89.

If you look at Snell’s actual games, he gives up a lot of walks but doesn’t give up any runs in critical situations. In the game against the San Francisco Giants on the 3rd, he gave up 4 walks in 6 innings.

Snell’s remaining base percentage is a whopping 86.3%. This is an increase of about 12% compared to 74.7% last year. In 2018, when he received the Cy Young Award, it reached 88%.

They are preventing runs due to walks due to few hits and a high residual base rate. Of course, the small number of hits per 9 innings (6.1) comes from Snell’s ability.

The 2023 season is now about a month away. Attention is being paid to whether Snell will continue to race toward his second Cy Young Award with fewer hits and a higher base percentage.

If Snell wins the National League Cy Young Award this season, he will become the 7th major league winner to win the award in both major leagues.

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