‘Ronaldo’s personality came out again’ This time, he received a yellow card after a furious kick at the referee’s whistle

 Al Nasr’s Cristiano Ronaldo (38) received a yellow card after another explosion of anger.

Ronaldo started on the 14th (Korean time먹튀검증) in the quarterfinals against SC Abha of the ‘2022-2023 Saudi King’s Cup’ held at Mrsul Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and received a yellow card for absurd behavior at the end of the first half.

British media Daily Mail reported that Ronaldo was punished for kicking the ball in anger when he blew the referee’s whistle while trying to lead Al Nasr’s counterattack.

Ronaldo, who started as a forward striker on the day, tried to counterattack in the extra time of the first half. At the end of the first half, extra time was given for 2 minutes. Ronaldo traps the ball with his chest. The referee’s whistle blew as he was about to attack after passing one of the defenders. Two minutes had passed.

However, Ronaldo seems to have misunderstood that there is more time left. He appealed strongly to the referee. However, the referee did not accept this. Then Ronaldo burst into anger, kicked the ball into the opponent’s half, and made a disgruntled gesture to the referee. The referee immediately gave a yellow card.

This earned Ronaldo his second yellow card since joining Al Nasr. His first warning was received in the league match against Al Fateh on the 4th of last month, and he was not in good shape even at this time. After getting tangled up with a defender in the opponent’s box, he tried to force the downed opponent to stand up, saying he was deliberately wasting time. Al Fateh players took this as a provocation and a physical fight ensued, and Ronaldo was cautioned.

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