Seongcheol Kim “There is a special reason I support Miami”

Personally, I like Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid. In addition, after the series ended, director Rivers was also sacked, so it’s a pity in many ways. He was one of the leaders whom I considered like a role model in many areas, including the strategic part and the leadership that brought the players together.” Following the

Western Conference covered in the previous article, this time, when asked to predict the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals, Kim Seong-cheol (47‧195cm) ) Former Wonju DB head coach immediately brought up the story of Philadelphia.

“Honestly, I thought Philadelphia would win. In fact, they were leading until the 5th game, and Embiid and James Harden were also taking a steady performance. whoa… , But Jayson Tatum is also a star. Who would have known that the game would be sluggish from the 6th game to the 3rd quarter and then break the game in the last minute like that. And from there, he survived properly and dominated until the 7th game. As a supporter of Philadelphia, I was very upset because I felt that I had lost a game that I had already won (laughs).”

Boston has been reigning as a consistently strong team in recent years. While Jayson Tatum (25‧203cm) is establishing himself as the league’s best offense and defense swingman, Jaylen Brown (27‧198cm) is also in sync with one axis of the ‘one-two punch’. Marcus Smart (29‧191cm), Malcolm Brogdon (30‧193cm), Sam Houser (25‧201cm), Derek White (28‧193cm), etc. The team is composed mainly of young and talented players, so it will continue to be a strong team in the future. are likely to dominate. This season, they are being evaluated as one of the strongest contenders for the championship.

“Honestly, I don’t think Boston is as strong as last season. I don’t know if it’s because the impact last season was so strong. Even though we ended up in the runner-up, I remember that last season Boston gave me the feeling that it was unlikely to lose. But still, Boston is Boston. As I mentioned earlier, it seemed like my cheering team, Philadelphia, had caught everything, but they lost. In a big game like the playoffs, the game is decided by a single margin, so I wonder if Boston is a strong team. If the

Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets are geared toward a big man match between Anthony Davis (30‧208cm) and Nicola Jokic (28‧211cm), the Dongbu will play the best swingman in the league. It is attracting attention as it will be a covering field. If Boston has the best small forward named Tatum, the opponent Miami Heat is led by Jimmy Butler (33‧201cm).

“It must be true that Butler is definitely a hot potato. Among domestic basketball fans, it seems that there are not a few people who support Miami because of Butler. He seems to be moved by his temperament as a strong fighter in big matches and even his growth story that touches his heart. As much as that, I think the match between Boston and Miami will be close. Because there are Tatum and Butler, who have the temperament of Tajja, who can turn over the losing game in an instant. I think it will be great to fight each other’s pride when the game starts.”

It’s because Butler is leaving such a big impact, but Miami also has a lot of good players. Bam Adebayo (26‧206cm) and Tyler Hiro (23‧196cm) are players who can score multiple points by using the defense driven by Butler. Duncan Robinson (29‧201cm) is criticized for being outdated, but as evidenced by the series against Milwaukee, he is a professional shooter who can change the flow of the game with a fatal blow at any time.

“Perhaps it is perfectly natural안전놀이터, but you should consider Boston’s Tatum-Brown and Miami’s Butler-Adebayo as constants. I think the difference between winning and losing is how well the other teammates support the key players on these teams. Teams with unexpectedly crazy players will cheer for me. (Laughs) Also, maybe it’s because I’m a shooter, but I’m interested in playing Hiro and Robinson. There were not a few times when I was emotionally immersed in the way I ran around with all my strength to throw a shot and tried to deceive the defense. Winning or losing is a very difficult matter. Personally, I support Miami a little more, where Hiro and Robinson are playing.”

But there is a bigger reason behind his hopes for Miami to win. It is none other than Lee Hyun-joong (23‧202cm) who dreams of becoming the second NBA leaguer in Korea (?).

“Miami is a team where Butler is scary, but Girona Robinson is doing a good job. Coach Eric Spolstra makes good use of those players. Looking at Hiro and Robinson, I somehow hope that (Lee) Hyeon-joong will perform as well as they do in a team like them. As everyone knows, Hyunjoong is not the type to compete with athletic ability or individual skill. My main weapon is to take a shot opportunity by receiving various types of screens or to take a shot while looking for an empty space.

It’s obvious, but all Koreans want Lee Hyun-joong to do well. This is because Lee Hyun-joong’s success can affect not only Lee Hyun-joong himself, but also the future of Korean basketball and the pioneering of a new path. Kim Seong-chul also has a lot of interest in Lee Hyun-joong, such as meeting him in person when he stopped by the US a while ago.

“For a while, professional shooters took a lot of roles, but recently, it seems to be decreasing again. In the meantime, I thought of Lee Hyun-joong because Robinson, who had been hesitant, played well in a few games in the playoffs, and Miami also seemed to be using tactics that saved a lot of the shooter’s role. Each manager has a different disposition, so the importance of the shooter role will be different, but I look forward to seeing Lee Hyun-joong work well and play an active part in a team where he can make use of his color. This is my personal reason to support Miami more than Boston.

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