Shinhan Donghae Open as seen by Japan’s JGTO Tour

Japan’s view of the Shinhan Donghae Open, a joint golf tournament between Korea, Japan and the three Asian tours held at the Club 72 Ocean Course in Yeongjongdo, Incheon, is favorable.

It is not easy to hold the three tours of the Korean Men’s Professional Golf (KPGA) Tour and the Asian Tour together for three years since 2019, but each competition was conducted interestingly without difficulty.

There were 40 players participating in each tour, which is a small number in some ways, and the tour environment was different, but the Japan Men’s Professional Golf (JGTO) Tour posted an unusually large amount of tournament introductions and information on its website.

First of all, the faces of the winners are impressive. The champion in 2019, the first year, was J.B. Kruger (South Africa) of the Asian Tour, and is currently ranked 9th in the prize money rankings in the Japan Tour. Kazuki Higa won last year’s competition held in Nara Prefecture, Japan, and became the top prize money winner with his fourth win of the JGTO season. This year, Go Gun-taek achieved his third win of the season and became a strong candidate for Player of the Year and prize money.

As many as 17 articles were posted on the JGTO website during the competition period.

In the third year of the competition, an article posted on the JGTO Tour website after the competition concluded showed interest in Go Gun-taek, who won in overtime. By winning this tournament, he also earned the right to participate in the Japan and Asian Tours for two years. In his winning interview, Go Gun-taek introduced, “He also showed interest in the Japan tour.”메이저놀이터

In addition, Nakajima’s participation in the Korean tournament, who ranked first in Japan’s prize money rankings by exceeding 100 million yen through the Shinhan Donghae Open, was also heavily introduced. Nakajima said, “It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t reduce the number of strokes because I only got 1 under par on the first day.” On the final day, he shot 6 under par, finishing in a tie for 3rd place, the highest among Japanese players, but missing the opportunity for his third win of the season.

In addition, after finishing his match in the third round of the competition, he entered the press center and held a press conference, receiving support and autographs from many Korean galleries. In an interview with Japanese media, Nakajima cited a dinner invited by Song Young-han as a fun memory from his first appearance in Korea, and Kim Kyung-tae as a player he admires. He said, “I want to emulate Kim Gyeong-tae’s smart play style, humanity, and strong competitiveness.”

On the last day, Song Young-han’s family was said to be a big fan of Nakajima, so we took a photo together. Nakajima said, “Korean golf fans are very enthusiastic, and as a Japanese person, I also cheered a lot, and it was really fun.” He added, “If there is another co-hosted match with Korea, I definitely want to participate.”

JGTO began highlighting the competition on Monday, when it started, and posted a total of 17 articles and articles. This tournament was created in 1981 by Koreans living in Japan with the goal of developing golf in their home country. At the time, it was the tournament with the largest prize money in Korea. As time goes by and the 39th anniversary of the tournament was held, it is a meaningful result that it received positive reviews on the Japan tour.

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