Local media in the Philippines reported that KCC is negotiating with Rastimosa.

On the 16th, Philippine local media ‘SPIN.ph’ published an article titled ‘Rastimosa acknowledged Korean offer, nothing has been decided yet’.

Jerome Rastimosa (24, 178 cm) is a point guard resource with scoring prowess. A member of Adamson University, he averaged 15.0 points, 4.1 rebounds and 3.6 assists in UAAP (Philippine University Athletic Association) season 85, leading the team to the semifinals. He is praised not only for his attacks, but also for his ability to save his teammates.

SPIN.ph reported that Las Timosa did not deny it by saying “Meron”, which means “there is” in Filipino, to the question, “Have you had any offers from Korea?” 메이저놀이터

The team that is connected to Rastimosa, revealed by SPIN.ph, is Jeonju KCC. SPIN.ph said, “KCC is negotiating with Rastimosa to strengthen its lead by utilizing the Asian quota system.” He added, “If the contract is concluded, we will become a team with Laguna, who has been naturalized in Korea.”

Currently, KCC is suffering from a headache because there is no reliable point guard to work with Heo Woong. Are they really negotiating with Rastimosa as reported by the local media? With a little more time, it seems that the results will be known.