“Simeone’s favorite, but…” There is no possibility of Lee Kang-in’s La Liga transfer

There is little chance that Lee Kang-in will go to a La Liga team including Atletico Madrid.’

On the 14th (Korean time), Spanish media Estadio Deportivo reported on the situation so far as the big clubs are paying attention to the ‘talent’ Lee Kang-in, who is showing off his best performance in Mallorca this season. Diego Colo Simeone’s Atletico Madrid showed strong interest in the winter transfer market last January, and it was almost canceled in a situation that almost happened, but in the upcoming summer transfer market, La Liga clubs, including Atletico Madrid, will not have a chance.

The reason is the logic of capitalism. There is no club in La Liga that can afford Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount of 18 million euros (approximately 26.25 카지노사이트billion won). In the end, it is expected that the English Premier League, where he can invest enormous capital, will be Lee Kang-in’s final destination.

The media said, “Last January, Simeone’s Atletico Madrid wanted Lee Kang-in, and he went until just before leaving Mallorca.” “With impressive data of 6 goals and 5 assists this season, Lee Kang-in’s name is connected to the big clubs in Europe.” wrote that “Unai Emery’s Aston Villa has been tracking Lee Kang-in for several months and there is talk that they are willing to pay a buyout of 18 million euros,” he said. It is by no means a small amount for a league club,’ he drew the line. ‘This situation can pour cold water on Lee Kang-in’s move to Atletico Madrid,’ said Spanish media Marca, saying, ‘Atletico Madrid has no intention of paying more than 10 million euros (about 14.6 billion won) to Lee Kang-in.’ “We do not intend to pay compensation for the Valencia youth team, and we are in a position to sign with Lee Kang-in only when the market price is low and the opportunity comes.” There was also a report that Simeone chose Lee Kang-in as his ‘favorite’ player, but the problem is money in the end. The media pointed out the reality, saying, “Lee Kang-in’s transfer to Atletico, as well as the possibility of staying in La Liga, is closed.” .

According to this inference, it is argued that Lee Kang-in’s destination in the summer transfer market will eventually be the Premier League. Estadio Defordivo wrote, “Lee Kang-in’s fate lies in England,” and “Aston Villa is leading the Lee Kang-in scout.” ‘Aston Villa can still fight for next year’s Europa League, and through this, they can seduce Lee Kang-in’ I saw. ‘If you transfer to the English stage, your salary will also rise considerably. This is because the purchasing power of Premier League clubs is high and the salaries of most footballers are much higher than in other leagues.’

Immediately after presenting the positive effects of the Premier League transfer, the media also mentioned only one negative factor. ‘Everything will change positively, but there will also be negative changes, but that is the weather. The difference between Mallorca and Birmingham, home of Aston Villa, will be huge. Birmingham in the north of England is famous for its rain and almost no sun. It will be the exact opposite of life in the Balearic Islands of Mallorca.”

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