Skeleton Jeong Seung-gi · Snowboard Choi Ga-on… Winter Sports ‘Star’ report

New faces who will lead the development of our winter sports are appearing one after another and are drawing attention.

Skeleton’s Jeong Seung-gi and snowboard’s Ga-on Choi have emerged as new stars by winning international competitions.

This is reporter Kim Jong-seong.


Skeleton player Jeong Seung-gi surprised everyone at the recent World Championships.

Although she was out of the standings until the 3rd period, she won a bronze medal at the world championships for the first time since Olympic gold medalist ‘Iron Man’ Seong-bin Yoon through stable driving.

Jeong Seung-gi, born in 1999, who ranked 10th among Korean athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, took two silver medals and one bronze medal at this season’s World Cup and once rose to the top of the world rankings. .

<Jeong Seung-gi / Skeleton player (Gangwon-do Provincial Office)> “I am happy to be able to stand on the podium in the big world championship, and since there are two World Cup competitions left, I hope to repay you with good results…”

Jeong Seung-gi, ranked 5th in the world, will take on a challenge to continue his upward trend in the 7th World Cup next Friday.

In snowboarding, Gaon Choi, a middle school girl, earned the title of ‘genius’.

At the US extreme sports event ‘X Games’, he showed off high-difficulty rotations and stable landings and climbed to the top of the podium.

Gaon Choi, 14, beat Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim’s record for youngest win at the event by 189 days.

<Choi Ga-on / Snowboarder (Sehwa Girls’ Middle School)> “I’m happy that all the training I’ve been training for has seen the light of day at once, and I’ve trained harder for the Dew Tour in February…”

Interest is growing as to how much more Jung Seung-gi and Choi Ga-on, who are aiming for the 2026 Milano Cortina d’Ampezzo Winter Olympics, will grow in the future.

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