“Son Heung-min could have scored more than 20 goals”… Trust in acting Tottenham manager

 Son Heung-min (Tottenham) was somewhat sluggish compared to last season. However, there is a good chance of a rebound at any time.

Coach Ryan Mason mentioned Son Heung-min in an interview with British media ‘Football London’ on the 28th (Korean time). “Son Heung-min has been given a lot of opportunities this season. He could have scored 20 to 25 goals if he was more calm and decisive, or if he was lucky,” he said.

He added, “Heung-Min메이저사이트 Son must have been disappointed because he couldn’t score many goals throughout the season. But Heung-Min Son eventually returned to his original position and continued to play. This is the part I’m most happy about.”

Also, “If you are a striker, that is the key. There comes a moment when your luck changes. Then you go in and find your own rhythm and start the scoring again. I hope Son Heung-min will be a clue for our team in the remaining games.”

Son Heung-min’s recent explosive power is considerable. Son Heung-min scored a goal to balance the score 2-2 in the 34th minute of the second half against Manchester United in the 33rd round. Son Heung-min, who added 3 goals in the last 4 games, is now recording 9 goals in the league.

Coach Mason said, “I am not worried about the physical strength of Son Heung-min, who was born in 1992 and is in his 30s.”

“Currently, the team is focused on finishing the season,” Mason said. “We have to see what will happen this summer right now. We played a lot of matches. That’s something we should be thankful for.”

Also, “Thanks to advances in sports and nutrition science, etc. over time, athletes will be able to extend their prime. There are actually players who are still at the top even at the age of 35 to 37. I hope our best players can do the same.” said.

Son Heung-min, who tied for the top scorer in the English Premier League last season, has been somewhat sluggish this season, but is improving his scoring power in the second half. He has 13 goals and 4 assists in 42 games this season.

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