Son Young-hee + Park Hye-jung challenging Lee Won-won, ‘the best since Jang Mi-ran’

 Son Young-hee (30, Busan City Sports Association) and Park Hye-jung (20, Goyang City Hall), who watched Kim Soo-hyun (28, Busan City Sports Association) win the gold medal, are sweating hard ahead of the sortie.

Son Young-hee and Park Hye-jung will compete side by side in the women’s +87kg (unlimited) category of the ‘2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships’ starting at 1:00 pm on the 13th at Jinju Indoor Gymnasium.

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist and world record holder Lee Won-won (23, China) also participates in the weight class. Lee Won-won is the strongest woman who ‘received’ the female weightlifting title after Jang Mi-ran, the ‘weightlifting empress’, retired. In the ‘2022 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships’ held in December last year, she also announced her health by taking the overwhelming first place with a total of 311 kg.

It is generally evaluated that it is difficult for Son Young-hee and Park Hye-jung to become opponents of Lee Won-won, considering only their immediate objective skills.

It can be seen just by looking at the results in the previous match. At last year’s World Championships, Son Young-hee placed 5th with a total of 280kg토스카지노, and Park Hye-jeong finished 8th with a total of 274kg. When Son Young-hee-Park Hye-jeong sees Lee Won-won on the international stage, she loses her spirits. The power of Lee Win-win is formidable.

The player who is more expected to break Lee Won-won in the future is Park Hye-jeong (highest record 290kg). She is a promising top-class prospect who has just come of age.

Park Hye-jeong made a splendid appearance in middle school, breaking Jang Mi-ran’s high school record. She also won three gold medals at the World Junior Championships, and last year she pushed out prominent seniors in the weightlifting national team selection event and rose to first place. With her rich potential, she has also received love calls from many business teams.

Her pursued side is Li Wenwen. The venue of the game is also Jinju, Korea. She can have hot support on her back with Son Young-hee. Kim Soo-hyun, who won two gold medals in the women’s 76kg class on the 10th, said in an interview after the game, “I was able to exert more strength as much as I competed in Korea. She is not alone, but thinks that she is lifting with (with those who support her) and she has a mentality,” she said.

Park Hye-jeong, who met ‘Dailyian’ at the Jincheon National Training Center in March, said, “I want to show all my skills (at the Asian Championships in Jinju). I am training hard to lift more than my record,” she said. It is enough to show off your skills to the fullest and lift your hopes. This is the picture that Korean weightlifters who are thirsty for post Jang Mi-ran want.

What is regrettable is that Son Young-hee lifted 292kg and Park Hye-jeong lifted 285kg in the domestic competition held two months before the World Championships. If you listened like this, you could have won a medal or placed in the top 4. Even so, we cannot deny the difference with Lee Won-won, but there is no reason to feel afraid.

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