SSG Owner Jeong Yong-jin, “Don’t be mistaken for communication” through SNS

While SSG Landers was embroiled in controversy over the sudden resignation of general manager Ryu Seon-gyu, SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin revealed his feelings on his social network service (SNS) account.

Owner Jeong wrote on his SNS on the 15th, “This is a personal space. I hope you do not mistake it for communication.”

He also added, “If there are posts that you don’t like or feel uncomfortable with, please let me know in the comments.”

SSG has recently been embroiled in controversy regarding the resignation of general manager Ryu Seon-gyu and the appointment of new general manager Kim Seong-yong. It is a suspicion that an outside person who has a close relationship with the owner of Chung and has nothing to do with the management of the club has intervened in the affairs and personnel affairs of the club.

As the controversy continued, on the 14th, SSG clarified in the name of CEO Min Kyung-sam, “The suspicion of a non-profit is not true.” 메이저사이트

But doubts linger.

SSG fans demanded clarification of the controversy through the social media of owner Jung. Owner Jung, who usually communicated openly with fans through social media, blocked comments from being written at one time when criticism continued from fans.

Meanwhile, SSG fans started a truck demonstration in front of Shinsegae headquarters on the 15th.

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