‘New Lotte’ is completed with ‘Young Giants’. Lotte replaced the head of the baseball team with “young leadership,” revealing its will to change and innovate.

Lotte Group appointed executive director Lee Kang-hoon (52) as the representative director of the baseball team in the personnel affairs of the presidents of affiliates conducted on the 15th. The new CEO took on the responsibility of rebuilding the Giants as he was promoted from managing director to managing director. CEO Lee Seok-hwan, who led the Giants for the past three years, moved to the club’s advisory position.

The new CEO is a young executive born in the 1970s. It is also in line with the group’s principle of declaring ‘New Lotte’ by placing a young CEO in the foreground. CEO Lee, who graduated from the Department of Law at Korea University, joined Lotte Hotel in 1997. He is a representative public relations and marketing expert who served as the head of the public relations team (executive director) of Lotte Holdings after going through Lotte Group Policy Headquarters, Lotte Duty Free Shop, and Lotte Property. Even when he was in Jiju, he continued close communication with the club as an executive in charge of the Giants. He was involved in the group, but his affection for his hometown team was said to be extraordinary.

It is very suggestive that a key member of the group who watched the club from behind was appointed as the head of the Giants. In particular, expectations are high that the cooperation between the group and the club will be further strengthened as the new representative Lee is promoted to executive director and appointed as the CEO of the Giants. This is why there is a prospect that Lotte will greatly recover its reputation as a “national club” that it has lost for a while.

The target is definitely the Shinsegae Group. After Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin took over SK last year, he developed aggressive marketing and won the integrated championship in the name of SSG in two years. SSG held a large-scale event called ‘Sseuk Sale’ in commemoration of its first integrated championship, and it was a big success. It proved that distribution companies can catch issues and sales at the same time with sports marketing. Thanks to this, Lotte suffered humiliation, such as direct comparison with Shinsegae. 메이저놀이터

It is observed that the baseball team was included as an excellent publicity tool in the idea of ​​Chairman Shin Dong-bin, who declared ‘Young Lotte’ under the motto of ‘continuous change and innovation’ and ‘creation of future competitiveness’. Moreover, Busan, home of the Giants, is doing its best to host the 2030 World Expo. Lotte is also a company that cannot be separated from Busan, so it has stepped forward to attract the expo.

If you regain ‘the world’s largest karaoke room’ and reach the top of the KBO league, you can regain the love of Busan citizens. It can also be developed as a tourism product in connection with Lotte Town in Gijang and Lotte Tower in Busan, which is scheduled to be completed in 2025. Lotte is continuing its aggressive moves by jumping into the air taxi (city air mobility) business as a future growth engine. It means that the appointment of Lee Kang-hoon, the group’s representative publicist, as the CEO of the Giants has nothing to do with this.

This year, in the free agent (FA) market, we recruited Yu Kang-nam and Noh Jin-hyuk, and reinforced veteran pitchers such as Shin Jung-rak (Hanwha) Kim Sang-soo (SSG) Cha Woo-chan (LG) Yoon Myeong-jun (Doosan) and beasts such as Lee Jung-hoon (KIA) and Ahn Kwon-soo (Doosan). Sajik started karaoke reconstruction. As SSG and LG proved that the group’s full support guarantees team performance, Lotte also showed its will to regain its reputation as a “national club” with a big investment.

Attention is focusing on how new CEO Lee, a public relations expert, will cause a typhoon that has been quiet for years.