SSG, who came up with an explanation for the ‘replacement of the leader’, “The suspicion of the secret power is not true”

SSG Landers has put forward a position on the suspicion surrounding the resignation of the ‘championship manager’ and the appointment of a new manager.

In a statement released in the name of CEO Min Kyung-sam on the 14th, SSG said, “After going through a normal decision-making process and collecting opinions, we have appointed the right person for the future. The suspicion raised by some of the secret powerhouse is not true.”

SSG recently raised suspicions of a ‘secret powerhouse’ in the process of changing the leader.

General manager Ryu Seon-gyu, who has been working for the club since the days of SK Wyverns, suddenly resigned voluntarily on the 12th despite contributing to the achievement of this year’s combined championship. And Kim Seong-yong, head of Futures R&D Center, who joined the club in November last year, took over as the new general manager.

In the process, suspicions arose that an outsider close to SSG owner Jeong Yong-jin had been deeply involved in the management of the club, and as it was known that he was close to the new general manager Kim Seong-yong, suspicions that there was a ‘secret power’ in the SSG club became stronger.

This caused a huge backlash from SSG fans. Fans flocked to the social media account of owner Jeong Yong-jin and demanded an explanation. Some fans even announced that they would hold truck protests at Shinsegae Department Store’s main store from the 15th to the 17th. The thrill of the unified victory is nowhere to be found.

In response, SSG said in a statement on the same day, “After Director Ryu’s resignation, we have appointed a new leader, Seong-yong Kim, according to the decision of the CEO and the board of directors for the stability of the organization.”메이저사이트

“The club took over and founded in a short time. We receive advice from many people inside and outside the baseball world, such as baseball elders, related workers, media officials, managers, and public institutions, and reflect them in our operation,” he said. He added that he is only one of those who act as an advisor and is not in any position to be involved in personnel management or management of the club.

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