“Stop watching YouTube” Mother who beat her 6-year-old son… the child wrapped around the mother

A 40-year-old mother who beat her six-year-old son to bruises with a wireless vacuum cleaner was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence. Even so, her son added regret by saying, “She hopes her mother isn’t punished,” during her investigation.

Daegu District Court Criminal 11 Sole Judge Kim Mi-ran announced on the 15th that he sentenced Mr. A (42), who was charged with physically and mentally abusing메이저사이트 (violating the Child Welfare Act) such as beating her son, to 4 months in prison and 1 year probation.

She also ordered that she be placed on probation, take 40-hour child abuse recidivism prevention classes, and be restricted from employment in child-related institutions for two years.

From January to April 2022, Mr. A hit Group B with a paper stick, a wireless vacuum cleaner, and a broom about every 3 to 4 days because his son, Group B (6), watched YouTube videos at his house, causing a treatment date for the pelvis and back. He was put on trial for causing unknown bruising.

On April 15 of the same year, on the road in front of a bus stop, he was also accused of pushing B’s head to hit an acrylic plate at the bus stop and screaming for about 10 minutes for not avoiding a passing bicycle.

Mr. A was reported to 112 four times in January and February of the same year by residents of the same apartment who suspected child abuse. Near the bus stop, a witness called the police.

Mr. A denied most of the facts of the prosecution, saying that in the process of disciplining Mr. B, there were only cases where he raised his voice or rolled up a newspaper and hit him on the buttocks.

Group B said that she was often beaten by Mr. A at the investigative agency, but showed an appearance of understating the fact of the damage, saying, “I hope my mother will not be punished.”

Judge Kim said, “The quality of the crime is not good and the risk of recidivism is not low in view of the duration and extent of the crime.” We took into account the fact that we showed a willingness to do it,” he revealed the reason for the sentencing.

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