Swept loss in 4 consecutive games → Sweep win in 3 consecutive games, Toronto miracle reversal… Competitive teams lose 3 games in a row, ‘Lotto’

 Ryu Hyun-jin’s Toronto Blue Jays moved from hell to heaven with a ‘great turnaround’ with a 3-game sweep win after a 4-game sweep loss . He rose again to second place in the wild card race.

Toronto won 3-2 in the game against the Boston Red Sox held at their home stadium, Rogers Center, on the 18th (Korean time) thanks to Chapman’s dramatic walk-off triple in the bottom of the 9th inning.

With this win, Toronto swept the three-game series against Boston over the weekend. It was unfortunate that starter Ryu Hyun-jin came off the mound with one out left and did not meet the requirements for victory, but the score was tied in the 9th inning and the team won, so it was a game that even Ryu Hyun-jin could be satisfied with.바카라사이트

Toronto had a week of ‘polar opposites’. They are engaged in a ‘fateful wild card race’ with the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners. Only two of the three teams can advance to fall baseball. However, Toronto lost all four games against Texas during the week, falling from second to fourth in the wild card race. It was a disappointing result that could be heard booing from the home fans. With the end of the season just around the corner, it was questionable whether the worst atmosphere could be reversed.

But what is this? Toronto swept all three games against Boston. As fate would have it, rival teams Texas and Seattle were swept in three consecutive games. Texas lost all three games to the struggling Cleveland Guardians. They were on a six-game winning streak before meeting Cleveland. Seattle was scheduled to meet the powerful LA Dodgers. They suffered the humiliation of watching the Dodgers win the district championship at home, and eventually fell to 4th place. It’s a major crisis.

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